Yoti partners with eftpos’ connectID to deliver an industry-led digital age verification solution for online alcohol sales in Australia

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 19 MAY 2021Digital identity platform, Yoti, has partnered with eftpos’ new digital identity solution, connectID to deliver secure digital age verification (AV) technology. An industry-first solution for same day online alcohol sales and delivery is being trialled in partnership with Retail Drinks Australia, the national industry body that represents the interests of Australia’s packaged retail liquor stores.

Yoti’s AI powered age estimation technology and reusable digital ID app will help deliver a seamless age verification solution for online alcohol sales in Australia via the new eftpos connectID identity exchange. It’s a modern privacy preserving solution to outdated online age verification methods that traditionally rely on credit cards or unverified and simplistic tick boxes.

Yoti and connectID will help online alcohol businesses meet regulatory requirements for AV including the newly passed NSW Government legislation that will require consumers to verify their age digitally for online alcohol sales for same day delivery from July 2022. 

Craft beer retailer Beer Cartel, supported by Melbourne based MyIntegrator worked with Yoti and connectID to integrate the solution into their live demo site. It demonstrates end-to-end transactions with auditable age verification to showcase the easy to implement solution, proving a win-win-win for consumers, online alcohol businesses and government regulators.

People use Yoti to sign up and prove their age in two secure ways. Using age estimation, people can pass an age threshold simply by looking into the camera. The system has been designed to deliver accurate results for people of all ages and skin tones, providing results within an average of under 1.5 years in the 13-24 age brackets. It’s private, people don’t need to register or sign in and images are deleted by Yoti after use. The technology is being used by leading e-commerce sites and social platforms around the world, delivering over 450 million age checks.

Alternatively, people will verify their age by using the free Yoti app – a safe place to store personal details, encrypted and under the owner’s control. When proving age, people securely share just their age without revealing their identity. It’s a smarter, modern way to prove age that protects privacy, promotes personal data security and tackles ID fraud with verified information. Over 10 million people have downloaded Yoti globally.

The solution highlights the power of digital identities in creating industry standards that are simple for customers and businesses alike. connectID securely facilitates the identity verification or data exchange, but does not store the identity data. Identity Service Providers, store consumer identities and take responsibility for providing this secure information only with the consent of the digital identity owner. It is designed to work within the Australian Commonwealth government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) and the industry’s TrustID framework, as well as other emerging international standards such as PAS1296.

Australian Regional Director of Yoti, Darren Pollard said “Yoti is delighted to be working closely with the connectID identity exchange to drive awareness of the everyday benefits that reusable digital identities will bring to Australians. We are excited to collectively devise a turnkey solution for secure age verification for online alcohol purchases with our partners connectID and the RDA. It works at both the online point of sale and at delivery to provide shoppers a secure, safe and quick experience and online retailers a secure, compliant solution.”

connectID CEO and eftpos’ Entrepreneur in Residence Rob Allen said “the trial demonstrates how digital identity technology can lead to the creation of easy to implement ‘industry-led’ solutions that are simple for customers.  “We are excited to be working with Yoti and Retail Drinks Australia on this very practical example of how digital identity can make life easier and safer for merchants and consumers and expanding the trial further with new partners.

He continued. “This solution makes it simple for consumers to identify themselves while also helping alcohol merchants meet their compliance obligations. “connectID is collaboratively working with state governments, industry associations, businesses and online merchants to simplify and manage a range of customer identity needs and requirements, helping solve compliance requirements for many different sorts of businesses,” Mr Allen said. eftpos began its new digital identity solution, connectID, mid last year, with the aim of making it easier for Australians to share, store and receive personal identity information online.

“Retail Drinks and our members are committed to the responsible promotion, sale and supply of alcohol beverage products, so we’re pleased to be working collaboratively with partners like Yoti, connectID and other stakeholders on this ‘industry-first’ age verification pilot for same day online alcohol sale and delivery that seeks to strike the right balance between good regulation and the freedom to retail responsibly”, said Retail Drinks Australia CEO Michael Waters.

Both Yoti and connectID participated in a panel discussion on Age and Identity Verification for Online Alcohol at today’s Liquor Retail Summit 2021, hosted by Retail Drinks Australia, where the second phase of the trials were announced to the wider industry. Online alcohol retailers wishing to participate in the next round of age verification trials should contact Yoti at business-anz@yoti.com 



About Yoti

Yoti is a digital identity and biometric technology company that allows organisations to verify identities and trusted credentials online and in person.  Yoti’s products span identity verification, age verification, document eSigning, access management, and authentication.  Over 10 million people have downloaded the free Yoti app globally. Yoti is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Polish.  Yoti is certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for ID Verification Services, ISAE 3000 (SOC 2) Type 2 certified for its technical and organisational security processes.


About eftpos and connectID

eftpos is Australia’s debit card system, processing over 2 billion debit card transactions in 2020 worth an average of more than $300 million each day. connectID is the new identity hub for the Australian digital ecosystem and makes it easy to share, store and receive personal identity information online. connectID solution acts as a broker between identity providers to allow organisations to verify identity.

For more information on eftpos, please visit: www.eftposaustralia.com.au

For more information on connectID, please visit: www.connectid.com.au.

Media inquiries: Warwick Ponder, eftpos (Sydney), +61 408 410 593, WPonder@eftposaustralia.com.au


About Retail Drinks Australia

Retail Drinks Australia is a national industry body that represents the interests of all packaged liquor retailers in Australia, acting as a consistent unified voice to advocate for the rights of all packaged liquor retailers with federal, state and local government; share intelligence with all stakeholders; communicate a consistent, unified message and build collegiate trust, improving industry alignment and cooperation.


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