Yoti approved to commence accreditation as a private digital identity provider under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework

profile picture Rachael Trotman 4 min read

We have now been approved to commence accreditation as an identity provider under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF). The stringent accreditation process has already begun to validate the Yoti app and embedded ID verification platform under the TDIF accreditation standards. Accreditation will enable us to perform digital identity transactions to relying parties and verify individuals to a high level of trust.


Trusted Digital Identity Framework: making space for digital ID

As part of Australia’s drive to be a leading digital economy by 2030, the Australian Government Digital Identity System – led by the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) – is transforming the way people do business; merging the physical and digital worlds to transform every aspect of life. This benefits both businesses and consumers, driving growth by connecting traditional industries with emerging technologies.

It’s important to build trust when it comes to the safety and security of personal information. The TDIF accreditation ensures people and businesses have confidence in personal data usage, boosted by convenient ways for Australians to prove their identity online – with robust solutions like the free Yoti app.

In order to become a TDIF accredited provider, applicants are required to demonstrate how their Digital Identity service meets requirements for: 

  • accessibility and usability
  • privacy protection
  • security and fraud control
  • risk management 
  • technical integrity, and more. 

The TDIF defines the standards, rules and guidelines for applicants that can operate as digital identity providers.

At Yoti, we will demonstrate the TDIF obligations by undergoing annual assessments against consumer protection, privacy and data protection for state and territory government structures – aimed at building safeguards that protect Australians and businesses alike.


Secure, safe and reusable ID

Our AI-powered technology and digital ID app will deliver a seamless identity verification solution for online and real-world businesses in Australia. The free app is a safe and highly secure place to store personal details, which are encrypted and under the owner’s control. Designed to make it simpler and safer to prove who they are online and in-person, people can choose to add their identity documents and facial biometrics to their Yoti app. In just a few minutes, they will have a verified, reusable digital ID that protects their details and allows them to share them with others quickly and securely.

With Yoti, people no longer have to copy, send and share their ID documents, and businesses can be confident customers are who they say they are. It’s a privacy-preserving solution to outdated online identity verification methods. Built with data minimisation at its core, people can share specific identity details without revealing their full identity using the Yoti app, protecting their privacy and empowering personal data ownership and tackling ID fraud with verified information. Tap into the existing network of over 10 million app downloads worldwide.

Darren Pollard, Regional Director, Yoti Australia said, “Yoti is both proud and excited to begin its accreditation under the TDIF, and we look forward to working closely with the team at the DTA. We are confident that the global Yoti digital identity platform will meet the requirements of the TDIF. Many private and government organisations around the world have already put their trust in Yoti for digital identity proofing and we wholeheartedly support the approach by the Australian government to create a national framework for digital identity providers to ensure public confidence.

As more state and federal government agencies look to rely on the TDIF standard for regulations around identity verification, Yoti looks forward to offering our platform to millions of consumers and thousands of Australian businesses, big and small. This is another vital step in our commitment to building partnerships and solutions that will help transform the digital identity landscape in Australia – and follows our recent announcement with eftpos’ connectID to deliver trials to support the legislative changes introduced by the New South Wales Government that require digital age verification for online liquor sales beginning in June 2022.”

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