Using Yoti as ID at festivals and clubs in Jersey

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Example screen of someone using digital ID to access nightclubs and festivals

This summer marks the first time that Yoti can be used as ID at festivals. Last weekend, on a sunny Saturday on the island of Jersey, revellers at Out There festival used the Yoti app to prove they were over 18 and gain entry to the festival.

Instead of having to take valuable ID documents to events, people in Jersey can now use Yoti to securely store and share their personal details. Meaning their passports stay safe at home when they head out for a night (or whole day) of drinking.


The new way to prove who you are in Jersey

Earlier this year, the States of Jersey announced Yoti as its official digital identity provider. With Yoti accepted as an official form of ID, local people are able to:

  • Prove who they are when dealing with the States of Jersey online and in person, making it more convenient when using digital services and reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.
  • Log into websites more securely without having to remember usernames and passwords – helping to protect online accounts and personal information.
  • Leave valuable ID documents safe at home and prove their age with their phone.
  • Prove their identity to businesses without showing and photocopying paper documents.

Using Yoti as proof of age at festivals, clubs and pubs is the first use of the technology on the island, and is fully backed by the States of Jersey Police.

The first nightclubs to accept Yoti include Ce Soir, Rojo, Havana and Tanguys. In September, islanders will be able to use Yoti as ID at the Weekender Festival, which will be headlined by Dizzee Rascal and Rita Ora.


A safer way to prove who you are

Sergeant Paul Kemp of the States of Jersey Police Licensing Unit, said: “We have worked closely with Yoti and our colleagues in the licensing trade on this project and we welcome the use of Yoti in our local nightclubs and pubs. We hope this will help to prevent under-age drinking and the associated harm that it can cause. As well as preventing the swapping and lending of ID by young people it also offers the ability to prove your age and identity without having to take valuable documents, such as passports, every time you go out.”

Warren Le Sueur, Director of The Weekender Festival commented: “I’m very excited to announce our partnership with Yoti. I believe it is the future of ID and the app helps reduce underage drinking and lost ID documents, two issues that have been a focus for us for a number of years. Young people carrying around valuable passports is an old method and potentially poses a security risk which the free Yoti app solves. I really do believe this is the perfect and most progressive solution we have been yearning for.”