Swotties uses Yoti digital ID to verify the identity of online tutors

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Yoti partners with Swotties

Yoti has partnered with Swotties to make sure that children can access safe and secure online tutoring.


Swotties: connecting families with inspiring university students

Swotties is an online tutoring platform on a mission to provide more affordable and accessible tutoring services for families in the UK. They connect children and parents with university students who can offer expert help in their chosen subject. They also run a give-back scheme where, for every 20 lessons booked by one household, they donate a lesson to an underprivileged child.

Providing 1-2-1 online learning sessions is part of Swotties mission to boost the confidence of school children across all levels and subjects. A fundamental part of this service is giving parents the assurance that their children are in safe hands during these sessions. That’s why Swotties has partnered with us, ensuring a trusted, safe and quality tutoring service. 


Verifying users with Yoti

Students who want to become a Swottie can prove their identity the Yoti or EasyID apps by simply uploading a government-issued ID document and taking a biometric selfie. Once they are verified, students can then progress to the selection and approval process as set out by Swotties.

Parents can rest assured that every tutor’s profile is verified and approved before it goes live.


Make user onboarding easy

With no complicated integration, Swotties is able to move prospective tutors along the application process quickly and efficiently. By ditching manual identity checks, the amount of time students spend waiting for their profile to be approved is reduced and parents are reassured that their children are in safe hands.

The simplicity, speed and ease of being able to prove your identity digitally is becoming increasingly important amongst teenagers and young adults. With over 10 million app downloads, Swotties is able to tap into the existing network of UK students already using the Yoti and EasyID apps. Trusted by millions, it has never been easier to securely verify the identity of your users and customers.

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