Welcoming our ten millionth Yoti app download 🚀

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We've just hit 10 million yoti app downloads

We started out in 2014 with a huge, complex task built around a simple mission – to fix the broken identity system and make it simpler and safer for people to prove who they are. This has been our driving force from day one and will continue to shape how we develop our business and products. It’s our purpose.

Yoti has grown from a small team with the goal of putting people’s ID on their phone, to a global identity network verifying people and their ID documents from over 195 countries. This is now backed by a suite of identity solutions that span authentication, eSignatures and privacy-preserving, age estimation AI. We’ve now performed over 450 million age and identity checks.

We’ve won awards thanks to our focus on security and privacy, built an incredible dedicated team and roster of organisations that share our mission to use digital identity as a force for good…

And today, we’re celebrating our 10 millionth Yoti app download along with over 2 million UK installs. It’s a huge milestone and achievement everyone at Yoti is proud of and we want to thank everyone who has supported us to get here. 

As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, in partnership with the Post Office here in the UK and with leading brands and organisations around the world, we’re excited to be taking even bigger strides on our mission. Join the digital identity revolution with Yoti.