Yoti develops NHS England and NHS Improvement digital ID card to help Covid-19 staffing pressures and improve safeguarding

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Staff IDs verified with the Yoti app to provide a digital identity that preserves privacy and boosts security

LONDON – 09/04/20 – NHS England and NHS Improvement have begun deploying a secure digital ID card solution from Yoti that puts employees’ NHS ID cards on their phone. The contactless ID app can be used to prove NHS identity online and in person in seconds with a tap of a button or scan of a QR code. It is designed to support the rapid and agile deployment of key workers into health services during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Digital ID cards offer greater protection than traditional IDs, with individual details encrypted and shielded by a 5 digit PIN along with the person’s unique biometrics. The NHS can issue, update and revoke trusted credentials via the app. These include name, colour photo, job title, location, expiry date, NHS logo, Electronic Service Record (ESR) and verified NHS email address. It also brings integrated anti-spoofing measures to tackle fraud.

The service is being provided by UK based digital identity platform Yoti. Already used by the Scottish Improvement Service and Jersey Government, Yoti’s ID platform leverages the highest data security standards to verify its users. Yoti accepts government-approved IDs from over 200 countries that are verified using leading technology and trained security personnel.

The new NHS digital ID cards will help improve the onboarding of new NHS staff who can securely present or share their verified details with other hospitals, key workers or members of the public. All details are shared through the Yoti platform to prevent bad actors, hacks and impersonations. Staff can view, but not edit, their NHS digital ID cards details.

Yoti is designed with user privacy at the forefront. All data is encrypted and Yoti cannot sell user data to third parties, or share any details without user approval.

Yoti can’t track users and individuals control which details they share. Every time information is shared, both parties receive a receipt of what is shared and when.

Robin Tombs, Yoti CEO said: “We’re proud to be supporting the NHS. Helping society is core to our principles and we want to do whatever we can to help those impacted by COVID-19. Providing staff with an NHS digital ID Card using the Yoti platform will save the NHS time and money, while ensuring privacy and security.”

Julian David, CEO of techUK said: “We are proud to see Yoti offering crucial assistance to the NHS. This will improve efficiencies and increase privacy and security levels.”

Over 6.5 million individuals globally and 1.5m in the UK have downloaded the Yoti app. Accounts are verified with an individual’s biometrics and matched to government-approved IDs.



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