native and Yoti present: the Untoutable Tour featuring Sigma

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Yoti, the digital identity app with 6 million downloads and student experience platform, native, have developed a new system that tackles ticket touts using digital identities. The innovative approach will be showcased through ‘the Untoutable Tour featuring Sigma’ with six UK events in November and December, highlighting how technology can make events ‘untoutable’.

The UK’s secondary ticketing market is estimated to generate £1bn each year with a significant cost to fans, artists and the industry. Independent research commissioned by FanFair Alliance has revealed that the money diverted into the pockets of touts leads to a dramatic drop in spending on music, merchandise and further attendance at shows.

Cam from Sigma said: “We hate touts as much as we love our fans, so it’s great to bring the Untoutable Tour to music fans and students around the UK. All you have to do is get your ID on your phone with the Yoti app, add it to your ticket and try this new digital solution to the age-old tout problem. Let’s put the power in the hands of artists and their fans.”

Redeeming a ticket to the ‘Untoutable Tour’ is simple:

  • Download the free Yoti app and add a government-approved ID and a current photo to verify identity. 
  • Login to and select a Yoti show.
  • Attach photo and name to the ticket using Yoti.
  • Ticket is scanned on entry to securely share ticket and ID details in one.

When an individual’s ticket is scanned on entry, a bright full colour photo appears to ensure the ticket purchaser is in attendance. This photo is stored temporarily on the native app, then is permanently deleted 24 hours after the event to promote user privacy. All Yoti users will be entered into a ballot to win free tickets.

The solution prevents the three main areas of the gig flow where touts operate: 

  1. Purchase. Bots log in to multiple accounts and snap up tickets faster than humans can. Using Yoti to log in to native to buy tickets stops bots and ensures a human is in control of the account.
  2. Resale. Touts sell genuine tickets on secondary platforms and fakes outside events. With tickets contained within the native app, they cannot be replicated or sold externally.
  3. Entry. Tickets without an identity can easily be sold on. Small printed photos on tickets and traditional IDs are hard to read. Big bright colour photos presented with Yoti protect fans and staff entering events.

Native CEO, Nick Musto, said, “native is excited to be partnering with Yoti who put consumers in control of their digital identity. We can harness this technology to make the ticketing market a level playing field that aligns perfectly with our mission to help students have a great time and get more for their money.”

Yoti CEO, Robin Tombs said, “We’re excited for Sigma to take to the stage with our technology helping fans, artists and ticketing platforms stop touts in their tracks. This is a safer, more convenient way to purchase event tickets that combines our secure digital identity app and native’s award-winning platform.”

About native

native is the champion of the student experience. A multi-award winning platform bringing exciting content and brands onto campus whilst providing students with event recommendations, new experiences and exclusive tickets off-campus.

University is about discovery, new experiences, life-long friendships and unforgettable memories. From freshers’ week to society socials, spontaneous nights out to post-exam celebrations, the team at native works night and day to make sure students live their university years to the max. 


Founded in 2014, Yoti is a global technology company on a mission to become the world’s trusted identity platform. Yoti is the most simple, convenient and secure way to prove your identity both online and in person. Committed to protecting your privacy and keeping you safe from fraud, Yoti puts you in control of the data you share and who you share it with. The details you add to your Yoti are encrypted into unreadable data that can only be unlocked by you. Yoti lets you privately prove your age in convenience stores, know who you’re talking to online, log in to websites without passwords and more.

The Yoti and native partnership

Students are wary of being ripped off and their data being used irresponsibly and are determined to enjoy themselves at a fair and justified price. 

Yoti and native’s partnership is built upon a philosophy of enhancing the student experience, working together to make events fairer, more accessible and more affordable.

Students can use Yoti to securely sign in to native without having to remember a username or password and can purchase tickets easily and securely online. On entry to the venue, ticket scanners provide a further check to ensure that the ticket holder is the original ticket purchaser.

Tour dates

Tickets can be found at

  • Manchester Academy 2: 17th Feb
  • Newcastle SU: 18th Feb
  • Brighton Chalk: 10th March
  • UEA LCR: 12th March
  • Bristol Ansom Rooms: 13th March
  • London Electric: 18th March