Future plans for Right to Work and Right to Rent guidance

profile picture Matt Prendergast 2 min read

In December 2021, the Home Office announced that from April 6th, there would be changes to the guidance for completing right to work and right to rent checks.  Advice was amended at the start of the pandemic to allow right to work checks to be performed via a video call – following feedback from organisations, this temporary guidance has been extended until September 30th. 

The updated Right to Work guidance will come into effect on 6th April, a new scheme under the Department of Culture, Media and Sport Identity and Attributes Trust Framework. The aim is to develop the market for digital identities, and engender trust in businesses and citizens to enable this future-focused, more efficient way of proving identity. 

You will still be able to continue using video calls to complete checks – this temporary adjustment has been deferred until September 30th 2022 However, the big change is that you will be able to accept digital remote checks from April 6th. There is a certification process being undertaken at the moment and Yoti, in partnership with Post Office, is actively undergoing its own certification.  So, how can I now perform right to work checks and ensure I’m meeting the guidelines?

  • Video calls are still allowed until September 30th 2022
  • Physically checking a candidate’s document on day 1 and taking a copy is still valid
  • From April 6, you can use a digital identity provider

Read more about how our unique partnership with Post Office can help you with right to work and right to rent checks.