Australia’s new National Self-Exclusion Register

profile picture Rachael Trotman 3 min read
Person using betting app on smartphone

From 21st August 2023, Australians will be able to ban themselves from all online wagering companies. “BetStop”, the National Self-Exclusion Register (NSER) will let people exclude themselves from all licensed online wagering operators, for a minimum of 3 months and up to a lifetime. The move aims to protect vulnerable people and reduce problem wagering. 

The BetStop NSER will be managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). ACMA released a report which found that 11 per cent of Australians had participated in online wagering in the past six months – up from 8% in 2020.


What does this mean for the wagering operators in Australia?

Players can self-exclude on any of the 150 legal betting sites or directly on the BetStop register. People can’t self-exclude from one platform and not others – it’s a blanket self-exclusion.

Once someone self-excludes, wagering operators will be required to close that person’s accounts and must not let them place a bet, open a new account or send them marketing messages. 

Companies will also need to complete identity checks much quicker than previously required. Under their licence conditions, operators generally have 72 hours to complete full identity verification and KYC checks on players.

However, under the new NSER rules, wagering operators will be required to verify a person’s identity when they sign up, and before they can place a bet. This will prevent vulnerable people who have banned themselves from using an alias to place a bet.


Streamline identity verification and meet compliance with Yoti

By integrating the Yoti free reusable Digital ID app alongside the standard player registration form, companies can comply with BetStop, the self-exclusion register, and complete identity checks in seconds.

When someone creates their Digital ID, we verify their details to a government-issued identity document. Once verified, individuals can then share identity details straight from the app – there’s no need for them to complete an online form or use physical identity documents each time they need to prove who they are.

This streamlines the onboarding process as players are pre-verified meaning they can sign up to a wagering site and prove their identity simultaneously.

Companies have confidence in the identity details shared as these have been verified to a government-issued identity document, offering a high level of assurance. This ensures compliance with BetStop and creates a seamless onboarding experience for customers. 

By using our Digital ID to check the identity of customers, wagering operators are protected from people setting up accounts under an alias. This is particularly impactful to protect those who have self-excluded themselves on the BetStop NSER and who may attempt to set up an account under a false name to circumvent the NSER. 

The Yoti Digital ID app is also privacy-preserving; players can just share the details the wagering operator needs so there’s no need for them to share sensitive identity documents online.

To find out how Yoti could help you comply with the new BetStop National Self-Exclusion Register, please get in touch.