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Enhance security with biometric passenger checks

Enhance security with biometric travel checks

Maintain safe borders and give passengers a positive experience with biometric passenger checks.

Use passenger biometrics to improve flows through the terminal and enhance existing security practices during the global pandemic.

Seamless travel with the Yoti ID app

Passengers add their passport and other personal details to the Yoti ID app before they arrive at the airport. Their passport is verified to the highest standards in our security centre and is then matched with a biometric scan of the user’s face.

By combining an individual’s passport data with their boarding pass and facial biometrics, this creates a ‘token’ that allows them to move seamlessly through the airport without documents. All they need is their face to securely pass through airport checkpoints.

Verifying passports

We can provide airlines with verified passport information and a biometric picture, helping them avoid inaccurate checks and resulting fines. 

A passenger’s passport chip is read, the security features authenticated and the DG2 image is matched to a liveness video and biometric template.

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