Yoti Misuse Policy

Version 1.3, October 2023

  • Yoti is not a character reference service, we are an identity verification platform. We might take action against users who have misused the Yoti service but we are not accepting a duty of care to any users of Yoti services.
  • We ​want ​to ​make ​clear ​that ​use ​of Yoti services ​does ​not ​guarantee ​that ​any user ​is ​in any way vetted ​or ​trusted ​by ​Yoti or any associated business.
  • However, ​where ​there ​is ​proven ​misuse ​of ​our ​service we ​reserve ​the ​right ​to ​suspend ​that ​user ​or ​restrict ​that ​user ​to ​certain ​Yoti ​services. ​Our ​decision ​is final. ​Misuse ​of Yoti services ​might ​include ​use ​of ​it ​to ​commit ​serious ​criminal offences ​(violence ​or ​‘significant’ ​financial ​harm), ​creating ​or ​operating ​an ​account fraudulently ​or a material ​breach ​of ​our ​Consumer ​Terms ​and ​Conditions. ​In ​the ​event ​that ​new, valid ​evidence ​is ​provided, ​that ​proves ​a ​person ​was ​not ​guilty ​of ​the ​misuse, ​that would ​be ​reviewed ​and ​we ​may ​revoke ​a ​​suspension.
  • We ​will ​generally ​only ​take ​action ​where ​there was misuse of ​Yoti’s ​services or a material breach of our Consumer Terms and Conditions. This could be, but not limited to committing a crime, coercion, false representation or a ​user ​tried ​to ​onboard ​an ​identity ​document ​fraudulently. Where we are made aware of misuse we will take into account all evidence available to us to reach a fair decision depending on the type and level of misuse.
  • We ​will ​try ​to ​act ​proportionately ​to ​the ​misuse; ​both ​in ​deciding ​the ​length ​of ​the suspension and ​which ​Yoti ​services ​we ​restrict ​access.
  • At account creation and when a user adds a document, we undertake a number of activities to ensure the user is genuine. We also undertake various fraud checks during the life of a Yoti, an EasyID or a Smart ID app account. ​We ​will ​act ​on ​reputable, strong ​and ​credible ​reports ​of ​misuse. ​Examples ​of ​evidence ​we ​would ​ordinarily ​act on ​include ​court ​judgements ​and ​reports ​from ​reputable ​police ​forces.
  • If ​a ​user ​reports ​misuse ​of ​Yoti services by ​another ​user ​to ​us, ​we ​will ​advise ​them ​to contact ​the ​police ​or ​other ​relevant ​body.
  • We ​will store records of accounts that we have blocked/suspended on an ongoing basis. On a 3 monthly basis we will produce a report on these to discuss at the Senior Management Meeting and will also report / discuss these with the Yoti Guardian’s Council. Of course we will not publish any personal data or information that could identify an individual.
  • Yoti’s ​directors ​are ​ultimately ​responsible ​for ​the ​decisions ​made ​under ​this ​policy but ​will ​take ​advice ​from ​the ​Yoti ​Guardian’s ​Council ​and ​trusted ​third ​parties, ​who ​may bring ​specific ​expertise ​and ​understanding ​of ​different ​territories.
  • This ​policy ​is ​subject ​to ​our Consumer ​Terms ​and ​Conditions ​and ​nothing ​in ​this policy ​diminishes ​our ​rights ​in ​the ​Consumer ​Terms ​and ​Conditions.
  • We ​may ​revise ​this ​policy ​from ​time ​to ​time.