Yoti US Biometrics Policy

This Yoti US Biometrics Policy applies where the laws of the states of Illinois, Texas or Washington apply. This Yoti US Biometrics Policy describes how Yoti uses, stores and deletes any facial images taken for age estimation or identity verification purposes. 


Age Estimation

Yoti acts as a supplier to its clients that owns or operates the website, app or terminal that you are interacting with. Yoti:

  • processes the facial image to estimate your age and to judge whether the facial image is of a live person or not;
  • the facial image is deleted immediately following the completion of the estimation by Yoti; and
  • the facial image is not used for any other purpose whatsoever. 


Identity Verification

Yoti acts as a supplier to its clients that owns or operates the website or app that you are interacting with. As part of the identity verification process Yoti:

  •  collects your facial image (a selfie) and uses the facial image to compare it to the image in the identity document submitted by you; 
  • uses the facial image and the image in your identity document to create a biometric  face scan to confirm your identity; 
  • uses the facial image to judge if the facial image presented is of a real person or not;
  • may use the facial image to detect fraud by comparing it to other images submitted for this client;
  • stores all data in encrypted format;
  • deletes the biometric facial scan as soon as the identity verification algorithm is finished;
  • deletes entirely the facial image when instructed to by our client, which at the very latest is three years after the date the image was captured; and
  • does not use the facial image for any other purpose.


If you do not complete the verification process then we may still have performed a face match or liveness check, depending on the point at which you stopped the process. 

For both Age Estimation and Identity Verification we collect your consent to the processing of your biometrics before your submission of your facial image. We keep a record of that consent.

Yoti will not share facial scan data with any third party except: (a) to our client who you are interacting with at the point you agreed to share your facial data; (b) if required by state or federal law; or (c) if we receive a valid warrant issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.


Digital ID (the Yoti app)

The Yoti app privacy policy contains information about our use, storage and deletion of biometrics with respect to the Yoti app.