Yoti digital ID is the new way to prove your identity

The simple, most secure way to prove your identity online and in person.

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Making everyday life simpler and safer

Yoti digital ID is the simple, fast and secure way of proving who you are.

We’re putting you back in control of your data, keeping your personal details private and letting you share only the details you want to share.

Your secure digital ID keeps you safe from identity theft, fraud and data breaches.

Doing the right thing

Data privacy

Keeping your data safe

We cannot mine and sell your data to third parties, or share any details without your approval. You’re in control to share specific details, without revealing your whole identity.
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Staying true to our principles

We developed our ethical framework based on our seven core principles. They help us stay on track and develop Yoti in the right way.
Ethical Framework

What you can do with Yoti

We're changing the way you prove your identity.
Peer to peer data sharing

Check people's details

Paper ID passport

Prove your identity

Prove your age

Prove your age

Biometric verification

Log in without passwords

Password manager protect passwords

Protect your passwords

Check people’s details

Confirm the person you’ve met online is who they say they are. Rent a room, buy and sell items and date online with confidence.

Digital ID attributes personal information

Prove your identity

Save time and money when you prove your identity to businesses. Instantly send your details using Yoti digital ID, without the need for photocopies or physical ID documents.

Prove your identity with Digital ID

Prove your age

Use Yoti to privately prove your age for age-restricted goods or services, without revealing your date of birth or any other personal details. Keep your valuable ID documents safe.

Prove your age with digital ID

Log in without passwords

Securely sign up and log in to websites in seconds. We give you a unique Remember Me ID for each website you visit, letting you access their services without sharing your details every time. No more registration forms or struggling to remember your login details.

Liveness digital ID biometric verification

Protect your passwords

Yoti Password Manager remembers, autofills and safely stores your passwords across your devices. Your Yoti app is the only way to unlock your passwords, so only you can access them. Yoti Password Manager also generates strong passwords for you – so you don’t have to.

It’s free to download and use.

Yoti password manager

How to create your Yoti

Download the free Yoti app and create your secure digital identity in minutes.

Secure your account

1. Secure your account

Add your phone number so we know you're in control of your phone. Set a 5 digit PIN to keep people out of your account.

Prove it's you

2. Prove it's you

Take a quick 3D scan of your face to prove you're a real person.

Add your details

3. Add your details

Scan your ID document to add its details to your Yoti. Your details are encrypted into unreadable data that only you can unlock.

Who can use Yoti?



Yoti is the new way to prove your identity. Check people's details, prove your age to businesses and much more.


For secure identity checks your business can trust, our services can be seamlessly integrated into your website, app or product.
Non Profit organisations

Non-profit organisations

Yoti is free for charities. It only takes 10-15 minutes to integrate Yoti into your systems.


Yoti helps local authorities transform their digital services. It's the secure and convenient way to verify your citizens' identities.

More about Yoti

Help us build the world's trusted identity system

Help us build the world's most trusted identity platform

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Digital identities as a force for good

Digital identities as a force for good

We're committed to social change. We like to think that doing good is at the heart of everything we do. Discover how we're striving to make a difference.
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