Fast and safe Covid-19 testing

We’re helping people and businesses safely return to daily life with rapid on-site testing, issuing results directly to an individual’s phone.


How it works for individuals

1. User downloads the free Yoti app

User secures their account with their phone number, a 5-digit PIN and a security selfie.

2. Unique test kit is linked to Yoti user

User scans the unique barcode on the test kit and consents to share details with the testing organisation.

3. Test certificate issued to the Yoti app

Once the test results are centrally registered, the credential will be issued to the user’s Yoti app.


Verifiable test results can be issued to employers or individuals

The issuing authority is in full control of the validity of the digital certificate, which they can update or revoke in real time.

Users can’t edit the test result but can view and present it using the app. A QR code can be scanned by another Yoti app user to verify the validity of the test result. Read our basic primer on Covid-19 and testing.

frankd test

Covid-19 testing with FRANKD

GeneMe, a leading biotech company based in Gdańsk, Poland has developed FRANKD – a fast, scalable and reliable mouth swab test for COVID-19. The test can be completed on-site, taking on average 13-25 minutes with no laboratory involvement.

The GeneMe FRANKD test has been independently validated with 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity by Gdańsk University of Technology. Up to 90 test samples at a time can be loaded into the FRANKD analyser.


Yoti wallet: a secure and tamper-proof place to store test results

  • Works with any test results system – this could be viral swabs or antibody checks.
  • Issues the FRANKD test directly to the user’s phone as a verifiable test credential.
  • Can also safely store digital ID cards for staff and volunteers. Yoti is currently issuing thousands of Digital Staff ID cards for NHS Improvement and NHS England.

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