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Digital staff ID cards

Remotely issue Digital ID cards to anyone in your organisation with Yoti ID.

Plastic-free staff ID

Equip your organisation with Digital ID cards on their phone. No plastic, no printing, no distribution costs – just remotely issued ID cards securely encrypted in a Yoti ID.

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    On-screen ID card
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    Scan & share verified credentials
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    Verifiable QR code
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    Live hologram
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    Secure access key
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    Scalable system
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    256-bit encryption
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    £3 a year

Currently issuing cards for

Remotely issue cards in real time

You can remotely issue verified information in real time to a Yoti ID. If an employee changes roles or leaves your organisation, you can update or revoke their card with the click of a button.

Staff can show their ID card on their phone and digitally share credentials by scanning a QR code with their app.

This system is instant and scalable, so you don’t need to worry about distribution costs or postage delays.

Impossible to fake, lose or damage

All ID cards have a live hologram that moves with the phone and a digital QR code that can be scanned with another Yoti ID to check its validity.

Each card is linked to the holder through advanced biometrics and stored in their Yoti ID, making them impossible to lose.

Add additional features

You can add other credentials to a Digital ID card, such as a qualification or a health test.

If your staff need to work in places with restricted access or on multiple sites, you can add a secure access key that they can use on their phone.

We’ve partnered with JNCTN so you can manage and issue credentials at the click of a button

How it works

Claiming an ID card

Your staff members will need to download a free Yoti ID to safely store their ID card.

1. Download Yoti ID.

2. Add a phone number and create a 5 digit PIN.

3. Verify identity with a biometric face scan.

4. Add staff email address and the ID card will appear instantly on the home screen.

Only accessible by the user

Any details that are added to the Yoti app are encrypted into unreadable data, split up and safely stored in our database. Only the user has the key to unlock their encrypted details, which is stored safely in their phone.

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Business network

Join the growing network of businesses accepting Digital ID

Millions of people and thousands of businesses are already embracing the ID of the future. It empowers individuals, giving them a safe way to prove who they are across many parts of their life. Join the identity revolution and become one of the trusted businesses that fit seamlessly into your customer’s every day digital world.

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