• Identity Verification

Seamless customer verification

Reduce friction for your customers with our fast, FINTRAC-compliant ID verification solution.

About Identity Verification

Simple and robust verification

Identity Verification makes it easy for customers to prove their identity with your business, without compromising on security.

For your customers, it’s as simple as taking a photo of their government-approved ID document and a photo of themselves. Customers can also add a supporting document like a utility bill or bank statement in the same session.

We review your customer’s ID document and identity to the highest security standards to ensure your business complies with industry regulations.

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    Accept supporting documents for higher KYC
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    Accept 1,000s of IDs from 200+ countries and territories
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    Accurate data extraction and document authenticity checks
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    KYC and AML compliant
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    24/7 expert security centres
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    Biometric liveness and face matching
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    Fully embedded into your website or Android / iOS app

A frictionless experience for your customers

Our white-label solution means that identity verification can fit into your existing flow without disruption for your customers.

Our web SDKs and native iOS and Android SDKs can be natively embedded and customised to suit your branding.


The technology

How we verify your customers

You have the flexibility to choose all of the below features, or pick and choose the features your business needs.

Accurate data extraction

Using a combined method of OCR technology, NFC chip reading and our expert security team, we can accurately extract data from thousands of ID document types from over 200 countries and territories.

Document authenticity check

Our hybrid approach uses both automatic and manual processes to make sure the ID document submitted is genuine. For any documents checked manually, our expert security team check for the relevant security features of each unique document against a database of thousands of ID documents.

Woman having face biometrically scanned with icons of a robot, a mask and a photo

Liveness detection

Users prove they’re a real person by taking a scan of their face in a robust, anti-spoofing liveness test. Certified to NIST Level 2, this test provides an instant response and is very effective at detecting mask attacks.

Passing a liveness test gives us high confidence that we’ve captured an image of a real person in front of a camera, not a spoof through an automated bot, mask or photo.

Biometric face match

We use award-winning technology and our expert super recognizers to match the scan of the user’s face captured during the liveness test to their ID document photo. This is to confirm the ID document being scanned actually belongs to the user who is scanning it.

Internationally recognized security and ethical standards


Seamless integration into your website or app

We continually test our technology to improve performance and ease of integration.

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    Integrate in just a few hours
    Our dedicated support team ensures you have everything you need for a smooth and fast setup.
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    Flexible SDKs and plugins
    We offer wide-ranging support for major development languages and easy-to-use plugins.


Transparent pricing

Data extraction


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Document authenticity


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Supporting doc - data extraction


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Face match


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Supporting doc - document image


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*All prices are in Canadian dollars ($ CAD).

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