Digital ID in the UK: convenience stores, Post Offices and more

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Did you know you can use Yoti as ID in thousands of convenience stores in the UK?

Well, even better news – you can now use your digital ID as proof of age in all Payzone stores and for parcel collection at your local Post Office. That’s over 31,000 locations where you can use a digital ID in the UK.

Wherever you see this trust mark, you can use either your Yoti or Post Office EasyID to prove who you are. They’re two different apps but both work in exactly the same way.

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Where to use Yoti

What are Yoti and Post Office EasyID?

Yoti and Post Office EasyID are free apps that empower people with the tools to create a digital ID on their phones. 

They harness the same technology you see at the airport where you scan your passport and capture an image of your face. You only have to do this once. We verify you match your ID and your document is genuine using the latest technology and verification specialists.

Once verified, you can use your digital ID to prove who you are to businesses and people you trust. Instead of sharing your whole identity, share just the necessary details to complete a transaction – such as the fact that you’re over 18 if you’re buying alcohol in the UK.

We’ve built EasyID as part of our partnership with the UK’s oldest provider of identity services – Post Office. Our union brings together their accessible branch network with our world-leading technology to mark a new era for identity services in the UK.


How to create a digital ID

  1. Download the free Yoti or EasyID app.
  2. Add your phone number and a PIN number.
  3. Take a scan of your face so we can verify it’s you.
  4. Add a government-issued ID document.


It takes us a few minutes to match you to your ID document and verify that it’s a genuine document. We do this with a combination of AI technology and expert verification specialists.

It’s completely free and once verified, you can use your digital ID over and over to prove who you are using your phone.


How to use your digital ID in shops

You can use your digital ID as legal proof of age for cigarettes, lottery tickets and energy drinks in around 18,000 convenience stores in the UK. 

Simply tap on the ID card on the home screen of your app and click show your age.

Instead of revealing your full date of birth, your app will show that you’re over the required age. We designed this to protect your privacy and let you share less data when proving your age.


How to use your digital ID in the Post Office

Your digital ID is also handy for picking up parcels in the Post Office. 

When asked for ID, just tap on your ID card on the home screen of your app and show your name – nothing else.

Why not pop into your local Post office branch and try it out?


Helping retailers fight fake IDs

Let’s face it, having your ID on your phone just makes sense. Not only is it much more convenient for customers, it also protects shop owners from falling prey to fake IDs and reduces physical contact.

If you’re a business interested in using digital ID in your store or online, please get in touch with us. We’d love to work with you to make age checks easier for you and your customers.