Yoti – your ID in your local convenience store

We’re excited to announce that we are compatible with Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) Assured Advice guidance for age-restricted products, including energy drinks, lottery tickets and tobacco products, but excluding alcohol due to the current Mandatory Licensing Conditions. We are the first smartphone digital ID app facilitating these purchases in the UK.

Soon, we will be introducing our free Yoti Age Check static QR code cards to convenience stores, tobacconists, petrol forecourts, amusement arcades, tanning shops and tattoo studios across the UK. This will allow customers to prove their age using the free Yoti app for non-alcoholic purchases, instead of carrying important documents like their passport or driving licence.

How it works

There’s no special equipment required. Consumers just need to create a free digital identity and retailers will be given free Yoti QR cards, available either as a pack of cards, or mounted in a countertop stand.

A convenient ID for individuals

Before shoppers can use this Yoti Age Check solution for the first time, they need to download the free Yoti app on their smartphone. Once they’ve set up their account, they can start purchasing age-restricted goods (with the exception of alcohol) using the app.

  • The shopkeeper presents a scannable QR code to the customer.
  • The customer scans the QR code with the Yoti app, which confirms the shop name that they’ll be sharing their age with. They can choose to save this retailer as a trusted one to avoid future prompts.
  • As an additional security measure, the retailer can request the user takes a photo of themselves to prove they are the registered account holder.
  • The customer’s age is securely retrieved from Yoti. The phone will display the age threshold confirmation (‘over 16’ or ‘over 18’) along with a current photo.

Watch how it works here.

Helping retailers fight fake IDs

Yoti is a welcome remedy to the rising quality and accessibility of fake IDs, which is making age checks harder for retailers.

Yoti Age Check offers a simple solution to ensure underage individuals can’t access age-restricted goods. Our security centre verifies that the uploaded photo ID is not a forgery and belongs to the account holder.

We also have a simple but effective anti-spoofing symbol on the back of each card to fight fraud. When a customer scans the QR card, this symbol will appear on the customer’s confirmation screen if it’s a real account. We do this so an underage customer can’t create a fake successful age check screen to show to the shopkeeper instead.

Simple and secure age checks for individuals

From the customer’s perspective, it’s a convenient and private way to prove they’re over 16 or over 18. Not only can they leave valuable identity documents at home, they can also avoid sharing any other personal information that would typically be printed on their ID document, like their name, address or date of birth.

If you’d like to get a free age check pack for your business please get in touch.