Yoti eSign: the fast and simple e-signature platform

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In a world that’s becoming increasingly digital, businesses everywhere are seeing the benefits of switching to more digital practices to save time and money.

When it comes to signing documents, it’s the most obvious use case for digitising practices. Not only is the traditional signature process time consuming, but there’s also the environmental concern of a business printing hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of documents.

There’s also the big risk of fraud if documents are signed without proper background checks. In the last year British Columbia has suffered the effects of money laundering, where an estimated $7.4 billion (approximately £4.1 billion) in “dirty money” was laundered through British Columbia. Of this, $5 billion (approximately £2.8 billion) was funnelled through the real estate market.

If you want to remove the risk of fraud in your business, Yoti Sign allows you to share documents in a safe and secure way that you and your clients can be satisfied with.

Whether you work in real estate, government, recruitment, legal or insurance (and the list goes on), if you’re looking for a document management system that you and your clients can trust, Yoti Sign has you sorted.


It’s simple to use

Yoti Sign is the convenient and simple solution to your e-signing needs. It’s as simple as uploading your documents and choosing who needs to sign them. You then choose where on the document you want someone to sign it and then it’s ready to review and send. Whether you need a one-click email authentication or full biometric authentication, there’s no extra cost.

We make it easy for your clients too. Yoti sign documents can be accessed and signed through multiple devices, and through all popular browsers and operating systems. That way, signees can access your documents anywhere, at any time.


It’s safe and secure

To ensure that only the person you want to be signing the document has authorisation, you can require your signees to prove their identity with biometric authentication. If you choose, your signees can download the Yoti app and securely encrypt their ID document so you can be confident that the signee is who they say they are.

Your clients are protected and so are you. The management system allows you to keep all your documents in one secure place.

Even better, all our e-signatures are legally binding, admissible in court and compliant with the eIDAS regulation, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act and the ESIGN act. An audit trail is kept for every document, so you know you’re safe at every step of the process.


It’s fast

You never have to worry about losing a sale to slow signing procedures again. We can help transform your business processes by speeding up the signing process.

Save time by using the bulk send feature to send to 1000 recipients at a time, or by adding multiple signees to a document. You can even set automatic reminders and get real-time status updates to make sure the signing process runs as smoothly as possible. It’s simple – you can close deals faster with Yoti eSignatures.


It’s affordable

With our competitive pricing, it’s only £6 per month for the first seat and £3 per month for each subsequent seat. We even offer a 14-day free trial so you can see just how easy it’ll be for you and your business to make the switch.