Yoti is helping to make everybody good2rent

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Yoti partners with good2rent

Renting a property has long been the norm, especially amongst Millennials. But tenants are facing fierce competition when it comes to securing their dream rental home and many are losing out. A huge contributing factor to this situation is the existing prolonged ID & referencing system. Something Yoti has enabled good2rent to make faster, easier and safer.

good2rent is a tenant-led referencing solution for the digital age that puts renters back in control. Tenants use Yoti, a digital identity app, to easily ID themselves so they can then start building their renting profile. Their good2rent profile includes previous landlord & employer references, credit check, affordability statement, and of course Yoti verified nationality & ID. Tenants can then share this verified profile as many times as they wish with the letting agents & landlords during their house hunt.


Building a Good2rent reference profile with Yoti

We accept passports from over 140 countries worldwide, which means both UK and international tenants can create their Yoti. They can then get ahead of the competition by building and sharing their good2rent reference profile when booking a viewing.

good2rent referencing is held in a tenant’s secure vault and is fully portable and built year on year, enabling the tenant to prove a true history of good tenancy.

Letting agents and landlords will also save both time and money by ensuring tenants are matched in advance to the right properties for them, ensuring no unsuitable tenants are viewing properties.

The Yoti ID element of good2rent also gives letting agents & landlords the added security of knowing who they will be showing around a property.

Gone are the days of the hassle, expense and repetitive paperwork of traditional referencing. In its place is a digital, portable, new way to rent that is easy, fast and fair. Empowering tenants, letting agents and landlords with every move.