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For those of you who are tired of touts beating you to the best shows and pushing up the prices of resale tickets, our latest partnership will be like music to your ears.

We’ve partnered with native to deliver a nationwide tour featuring the drum and bass duo Sigma. We’ll be showcasing our revolutionary ticketing technology to prove events can be untoutable and put you, the fans, in control. 



Sigma’s knack for turning soaring strings and heavy breakbeats into blow-your-speakers anthems shows why they headline international festival stages, boast 3 million singles sales and 2 Brit nominations.


The problem with ticket touts

A ticket tout is someone who buys several tickets for an event to re-sell them at a much higher price. They will often target events that are difficult to get tickets for and drive up the resale prices up to extortionate prices.

Ed Sheeran recently took a stand against this growing practice after discovering £75 tickets to a charity concert on sale on a secondary ticket exchange for £7,000. 


Yoti and native put the fans back in control

Yoti and native have partnered up to put a stop to the ticket touts and will be showcasing our revolutionary ticketing system with a nationwide tour with Sigma. 


How does it work? 

When you buy  tickets with your Yoti app, your photo and name will be embedded within the QR code on your ticket. The QR code is scanned on entry to securely share your ticket and ID in one. This means the ticket is yours and yours only.


So can I buy tickets?

Find a show near you and grab your tickets here.