Using Yoti to buy Jägermeister

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Together with Jägermeister, we’re driving responsible alcohol sales online. Our age verification app allows customers to simply and securely prove their age when using their debit card to buy from the Jägermeister online shop. It also makes it harder for children to bypass the Challenge 25 policy they face in shops, which is notoriously hard for retailers to enforce online.

Until now, credit card was the only payment option to buy Jägermeister. It’s now even easier to treat a loved one to the UK’s best-selling speciality spirit.



Improving age verification online

It’s too easy for young people to fake their age online. How do retailers know that people accessing their age-restricted goods or services are above the required age limit? According to Lexis Nexus, 37% of companies are concerned about selling online age-restricted goods to young people and 79% are planning to strengthen their age verification process. Currently, they have to rely on a checkbox or age affirmation page to tell them that someone is over 18. Plus, many retailers are forced to lose sales if customers cannot pay with credit card verification. This system is broken.

Our partnership with Jägermeister will help to battle underage sales. The free Yoti app helps people prove their age at Jägermeister’s online shop and any other site in seconds. Because Yoti combines a photo and government issued ID document to create a digital identity, young people will no longer be able to sneak their way past online checkout with a basketful of age-restricted goods.


A modern solution that works for everyone

As well as preventing underage sales, our online age verification provides customers with greater payment choice. Businesses can now be confident that their customers are age approved. The ability to pay with debit card also helps to boost sales. Regulators can rest assured that there’s a better way for businesses to verify their customers. Everyone wins.


Keeping data safe

As always, privacy is our priority. The Yoti app protects individuals’ data. When buying age-restricted products from the Jägermeister online shop, people simply confirm that they are over 18; all other personal details that make up their digital identity remain private. It’s the most secure and convenient way to prove age online.


How do I buy Jägermeister products with my Yoti? 

It takes less than five minutes to create a Yoti.

Once set up, customers go to the Jägermeister shop and use the Yoti app to scan the Yoti QR code.

Then, they share these details with Jägermeister, confirming they’re over 18 with one tap of a button.

Finally, they use their debit card to checkout in seconds.

We’re honoured to play such a huge part in improving age verification online and preventing underage alcohol sales. We hope to see other retailers following Jägermeister’s lead soon.