How OnlyFans became the first UK subscription-based platform to protect children and create age-appropriate experiences

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Ensuring our users are over 18 is a priority for OnlyFans and an important element of protecting our community. We work with Yoti because their market leading age assurance technology provides the right balance between accurately assessing users’ ages and respecting their privacy.” 

Keily Blair
Chief Strategy and Operations officer at OnlyFans

OnlyFans is the subscription social platform revolutionising Creator and Fan connections. OnlyFans empowers Creators from all genres to own their potential and gives them the opportunity to monetise the lawful content they produce and share.

We helped them:

  • Create age-appropriate experiences.
  • Ensure that minors are not able to view, upload or monetise content on OnlyFans.
  • Balance user privacy with effective and reliable age assurance.


Solution: Facial Age Estimation
Industry: Social Media