The Digital Identity Toolkit

profile picture Ken Banks 2 min read

Digital identity is a relatively new but rapidly evolving sector that can and will affect many aspects of our everyday lives. Digital identities verify and authenticate someone’s identity. They can then be used to access a wide range of services and opportunities, from health and education services, voting and travelling, through to online shopping and dating.

Governments and the private sector are developing and implementing digital identity solutions, and they’re likely to become increasingly common in the future. While there is already a lot of information on this topic, much of it is in lengthy, technical reports that hasn’t been collated into a simple format that non-technical people can understand.

We hope this Toolkit can help close that gap. This Toolkit has been designed to help you find everything you need to know about digital identity. Before producing it, we spoke with individuals and non-profits around the world to get a sense of what they’d like to know about digital identities.

The audience for this Toolkit are members of the public, non-profits, entrepreneurs, developers, journalists and academics who want to learn more about digital identity and how digital identities might be relevant to them in their lives or work.