Explore cards – What are Yoti cards and how do we use them in the Digital ID app?

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Digital ID explore cards

Making Yoti relevant and useful whilst preserving privacy

We want to make sure that the Yoti app is useful to our whole community. We built Explore – a place where you can discover where you can use your digital ID. We also have some special offers for community members.

This will look exactly the same in the Post Office EasyID app.

Yoti Digital ID explore page

Country-specific content

In your digital ID app, you will only see content that is relevant to your country. This means that we only show you partners that you can use your digital ID with or offers that are available in your country.

The app knows which country you are in by using your phone number’s country code. We do not use geolocation information to do this. This may mean that when you travel to a different country, you will still see offers only relevant to your phone number’s country code.


Keeping children safe

Some of the organisations that accept our digital ID apps require their users or customers to be over a certain age. For example, buying alcohol from an online store or using an age-restricted social media provider. To ensure we adhere to the UK Childrens’ Code and similar Childrens’ Codes that are evolving in other countries, all users will only see content that promotes age-restricted products once your digital ID app knows you are the appropriate age.  

Your app will only recognise you’re the appropriate age if you have uploaded your ID. The app will automatically be updated to show you appropriate content. This information about your age is not seen by anyone at Yoti because we cannot access your personal data.  


Our Privacy first approach means you will see content that may not seem relevant to you.

Other than country-specific and age-related content, we will not (and cannot) show you content that is specifically appropriate for you. This is because we have no access to your online browsing history, and we do not record how you as an individual use the app. 

We do not ‘learn’ from your behaviours. When you click on an Explore card, we do not track your onward journey. We do not and will not send or sell any of your personal data to the next site that you visit unless you expressly consent via your app to share the data. You always have to consent to sharing information with other companies if you choose to visit their site.

This means that using your digital ID app is much more like going to your local shopping mall than typical online shopping.  

We think this is a better, more private way to shop. You make all the decisions. No one is trying to nudge you towards buying something. You are simply able to browse anonymously without anyone knowing what things interest you. 


Making content more relevant in the future

As we get more partners and offers into the app, we will try to make the offers more relevant to you. But we will still never profile you.

To start with, you will be able to filter by category. So, if you just want to see what special offers are available, you will be able to go straight there. If you just want to get some advice on how to stay safe online, the information will be there.

As we develop further we will let you tell us what information you’d like to see.  And to reiterate, if you never want to see offers and simply want to read the latest news about Yoti, we will let you tell us what you want to see. If you then change your mind, you can always reset to see everything once again.

In the meantime, please do use the Feedback area of the app to tell us more about the type of content you would find useful.


Yoti sometimes makes money from partners and offers in the app

We think it is important to be up front about the way businesses make money. Yoti makes money by charging businesses who need to verify your identity.

Some of our partners also choose to feature their products within the Yoti app.  We charge some of those businesses a small marketing fee, usually a percentage of the money you pay them. 

We always do our due diligence on partners promoted within our app to make sure they are legitimate businesses. However, it is important to clarify we are not a price comparison app. This means we cannot guarantee we will be showing you the lowest price for a product. We will, however, do our best to ensure it is a good deal for the community.

By working with our business partners in this way we’re able to keep our app free for individuals like you.

We have new businesses signing up every week to use Yoti. So make sure you check your Yoti app regularly to learn more about what we’re up to and see how you can make the most of your digital ID.