Yoti accepted on the government’s G-Cloud Framework

profile picture Matt Prendergast 2 min read

Yoti is pleased to announce that it has once again been approved to list services under the Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud framework.

G-Cloud allows UK public sector bodies to choose and buy cloud computing services without the need for a lengthy procurement process. It provides a quick and easy route to market, access to the latest technology and reduced cost of ownership. Since its inception in 2012 there has been £4.72bn worth of sales through the framework with 45% of the spend awarded to SMEs.

A range of Yoti services, covering identity verification, authentication, e-signing and age estimation are now available, via the digital marketplace on G-Cloud 11.

To find out more about the Yoti services on offer visit the Digital Marketplace or contact Gav Watts at gavin.watts@yoti.com.

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