Secure, scalable identity verification and digital volunteer cards

We can work with you to rapidly deploy our digital identity and digital ID card solution across the world.


Secure verification with the Yoti app

New and existing volunteers can safely verify their identity with your organisation using their Digital ID, stored securely on the free Yoti app.


Identity verification

Remotely verify the identity of existing or new staff instantly. Individuals with an ePassport can have their identity verified in minutes. Our technology reads the secure chip in the passport and cryptographically verifies it to the highest level as defined in the ICAO 9303 standard, in the same way an airport immigration gate works.

Read about how we are helping DoIT support the UK government’s drive for volunteers during the coronavirus pandemic with free identity verification.


Volunteer ID cards

Provide volunteers with a digital ID card that’s stored safely in their Yoti app. As the issuing authority, your organisation can issue, update and revoke this card when needed. 

Volunteers can use this digital ID card to prove their identity in person or online, using their secure login with a 5 digit PIN or native phone fingerprint or Face ID.


Verified credentials

Trusted authorities can use our platform to issue verified credentials to a volunteer’s Digital ID. This could be immunity certificates, training certificates, database checks, or any authorisation or qualification. Volunteers can then securely share these verified details with people in need, key workers or any other person.

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