Issue verified credentials to the Yoti app

Give individuals a safe way to prove test results, training qualifications or other certifications, securely stored in their digital wallet.

Verified credentials from trusted authorities

Trusted authorities can issue verified credentials directly to an individual’s Yoti app, so your staff or volunteers can safely prove relevant credentials to your organisation or other individuals.

Information from a range of sources can then be collated into an individual’s digital wallet, which is securely encrypted and can only be accessed by the user. Our solution aligns with the standards introduced by W3C in their Verifiable Credentials Data Model.

Types of credentials

Trusted authorities can issue a wide variety of credentials to a digital wallet.

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    COVID-19 health tests: enable staff who are able to get back work to demonstrate their health status.
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    Qualifications and certifications: ensure staff who need to move between locations and organisations can prove their training status.
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    DBS checks: allow citizens with a clean criminal record to assist vulnerable people.
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    Loyalty cards: keep contactless cards safely stored in the one place.
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    Staff and volunteer ID cards: Provide employees or volunteers with a secure proof of identity.

Staff and volunteer ID cards

The digital wallet can also hold a digital ID card for individuals to safely prove their identity. Staff or volunteers can present their digital ID card on screen or prove their ID by text or email.

This ID card will include a full name, job title, location, expiry, organisation logo, employee reference number and a verified email address. The card features anti-spoofing measures and can be revoked at any time by your organisation.

Working with NHS England and NHS Improvement, we are already issuing thousands of digital staff ID cards to the NHS.

COVID-19 testing with FRANKD

GeneMe, a leading biotech company based in Gdańsk, Poland has developed FRANKD – a fast, scalable and reliable mouth swab test for COVID-19. The test can be completed on-site, taking on average 13-25 minutes with no laboratory involvement.

The GeneMe FRANKD test has been independently validated with 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity by Gdańsk University of Technology. Up to 90 test samples at a time can be loaded into the FRANKD analyser.

How it works

Download the free Yoti app and verify your identity details once to create your reusable Digital ID.

Create a free digital ID

Using the free Yoti app, users add a phone number and a 5-digit PIN. They then take a quick scan of their face to prove they’re a real person.

Credential matched by Yoti

Yoti enables any user to securely claim their unique credential to show in person or online.

Credential issued to Yoti app

The user can view and show the credential, but not edit it. The issuing authority is in full control of the validity of credential.


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