Building a secure credential management platform
May 4, 2020
Over the last ten years, we have seen a massive trend to digitalise everything that fits in your wallet. Credit cards, identity cards, keys, and even your scribbled-down passwords – digital wallets offer the ability to store an encrypted digital version of your credentials on your phone. But why stop at what fits in your [...]
Excel spreadsheet denoting how many cases of underage porn found in BBC documentary
#Nudes4Sale: supporting the BBC’s expose of underage porn with our anonymous age estimation technology
April 10, 2020
A few months ago, Yoti was approached by the BBC to support their investigation into a growing trend on social media called #Nudes4Sale, a phenomenon that sees thousands of adults and teenagers making money from selling their own nude photos and videos. We helped them check the ages of the people sharing content on social [...]
How we built privacy into the Yoti app
November 22, 2019
Just as the right to identity is a fundamental human right, we believe privacy is too.  Yoti was built to give everybody a simple and secure way of proving and protecting their identity, online and in person.  With the free Yoti app, you can create a digital ID that allows you to prove who you [...]
A look at our biometric technology
November 21, 2019
As our everyday lives become more digital, traditional IDs lag behind. They reveal more information than necessary, don’t make it easy to prove your identity remotely, and are easily lost and expensive to replace. That’s why we built Yoti app - to give everyone access to a digital ID built for a digital world. It [...]
ProveMyAge – the fast, free and anonymous age verification solution to the Digital Economy Act
April 18, 2019
ProveMyAge is a new age verification solution that enables people to prove their age with our age estimation technology Yoti Age Scan, or with the free Yoti app to share their verified ‘Over 18’ attribute. More details of the following below. The internet is a fantastic source of creativity for young people, but they must [...]
Yoti Sign: the fast and simple e-signature platform
March 6, 2019

In a world that’s becoming increasingly digital, businesses everywhere are seeing the benefits of switching to more digital practices to save time and money. When it comes to signing documents, it’s the most obvious use case for digitising practices. Not only is the traditional signature process time consuming, but there’s also the environmental concern of […]

Shaping the future of travel with Heathrow Airport
October 18, 2018

We have more big news to share with you this week. We’re excited to announce that we are involved in trials with Heathrow, to explore biometric travel for passengers. With annual passenger volumes rising, airlines and airports are looking to technology to transform airports as we know them, reducing queue times, increasing security standards and […]

Person using Yoti's age assurance solutions
Meet our anonymous age estimation technology
August 1, 2018

Developing technologies that challenge the status quo is what we do best here at Yoti. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for good, our new age estimation technology is set to shake up the way people prove their age online and in person. We’re proud of all of the work that’s gone into making it easy to […]

Yoti and CitizenCard launch new digital ID card
May 3, 2018

Everyone needs a way to prove their identity. Whether it’s to collect a parcel from the post office, buy an age restricted item, open a bank account or apply for a job. For many young people, they’re too young to have a driving licence and their parents don’t want them to carry around a £49 […]