#MarginalizedAadhaar: Is Aadhaar a Tech Solution for a Socio-Economic Problem?
August 5, 2020
This is the fourth field diary entry from Subhashish, one of our Digital Identity Fellows. His year-long research project is focused on the challenges and opportunities within marginalised groups most affected by Aadhaar, India's national digital ID system. *** "You cannot fix using the law what you have broken using technology" says Indian cybersecurity expert [...]
Identity theft in the Western Cape
July 30, 2020

This is the fourth field diary entry from Tshepo, one of our Yoti Digital Identity Fellows. His year-long research project is looking at the digital identity landscape in South Africa, with a specific focus on the national smart ID identity programme from a human rights perspective. To follow his whole research project, you can find an archive […]

The personal cost of accessing Covid financial support in Argentina
July 23, 2020

This is the fourth field diary entry from Paz, one of our Digital Identity Fellows. Her year-long research project is focused on unravelling what digital identity, and identity in general, means to the unemployed and under-employed individuals receiving support from public job centres and local labour organisations in Gran Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata in […]

Social purpose in a time of crisis
June 29, 2020
Events over recent weeks have been unprecedented. At Yoti, we have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and wholeheartedly support calls for the end of inequality and exclusion wherever it exists and in whatever form it takes.  Racial equality is very much an issue of identity, and being a digital identity company the [...]
Welcoming three more Partners to our Humanitarian Tech Support Programme
March 12, 2020
Last month, we proudly announced the launch of our Humanitarian Tech Support Programme, a new initiative designed to support tech-focused startups focusing on global humanitarian problems. Using our unique blend of global development and digital identity experience, we have already started helping Lanterne in their mission to deliver a trusted, secure alert system to humanitarian [...]
Announcing our new Humanitarian Tech Support Programme
January 29, 2020
As we see in a new decade the world seems to be staring down the barrel of ever-more humanitarian challenges. At the start of 2020 The New Humanitarian lists urban displacement, conflict, antibiotic resistance to infectious disease, gang violence, extremism and climate change as just some of crises facing not just the developing world, but [...]
Hot air balloons in the sky
Adventures in social purpose
October 22, 2019
It’s been exactly 18 months since I joined Yoti, initially as Head of Social Impact but more recently under a revised title of Head of Social Purpose. We felt the word ‘impact’ was too focused on the end result, and not enough on the process, the DNA and the ethos of what we were trying [...]
The Digital Identity Toolkit: helping people make sense of digital identity
October 9, 2019
Today we are excited to announce the launch of our Digital Identity Toolkit. As part of our wider Social Purpose strategy, it is aimed at the general public, entrepreneurs, software developers, humanitarian organisations, academics and journalists, we seek to demystify digital identities and - where appropriate - help promote their adoption and use in pursuit [...]
Reflections on the launch of our digital identity Fellowship Programme
July 11, 2019
Earlier this year, after an extended period of ­research and evaluation, we announced the launch of a new Social Impact Strategy. With an unashamed grassroots focus, each activity was designed to help us better understand, support and empower individuals and organisations working on critical issues of identity, primarily in the Global South. A flagship activity from [...]
Announcing the Yoti Fellowship Programme
April 12, 2019

Update: please note, applications for the Yoti Fellowship Programme are now closed for this year. We are excited to announce the launch of the Yoti Fellowship Programme, one of the signature activities from our new Social Impact Strategy. From today we will be inviting applications from individuals interested in helping unlock the potential of digital […]