Yoti and Galaxkey partner to prevent email phishing
A step change in data protection and email phishing with digital identities and Galaxkey
July 15, 2020
Email phishing is an age-old method of cybercrime that is becoming increasingly more sophisticated with modern technologies. According to Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations report, 36% of all cyber attacks involved email phishing, posing a huge threat to large organisations and individuals. In an increasingly digital world where remote work is commonplace, it has never [...]
JNCTN and Yoti’s strategic partnership to provide a single verified digital identity and credential management solution
July 1, 2020

Yoti and New Zealand’s credential management platform JNCTN are excited to officially announce our partnership today. This new partnership will bring consumers a verified credential and digital identity solution for the global market. Wayne Stemp, Founder of JNCTN says “Working together will allow both of us to provide integrated identity and credential management solutions for […]

Meet the Volunteer Edinburgh digital volunteer ID card!
June 5, 2020
There has been an incredible citizen response to the coronavirus crisis, with people signing up in their thousands to offer their support in any way they can. But as charities and volunteer groups bolster their ranks, the prohibitive costs and logistical issues of distributing ID cards has become a serious safeguarding issue. Which is why [...]
Transforming the shopping experience with StrongPoint and automated age checks
June 2, 2020

We have joined forces with StrongPoint to transform the retail experience with automated technology that makes shopping smoother, faster and safer. Since the beginning of our collaboration back in 2018, we have streamlined Click & Collect, tobacco dispensing and automated self-checkout solutions to reduce the need for staff interventions. This gives shoppers a seamless and […]

We’ve partnered with OneFamily to help UK teenagers take ownership of their Child Trust Funds with the Yoti app
May 26, 2020
Yoti has partnered with OneFamily to make life easier for its 1.6 million child trust fund account holders who can now take control of their accounts with our digital identity app.   OneFamily OneFamily holds around a quarter of the UK’s child trust funds (CTFs), which are tax-free savings accounts that were awarded to every [...]
Podcast: Project Endeavour – effective digital customer onboarding and EKYC for banking
May 14, 2020

Project Endeavour is a ground-breaking pilot project to develop an electronic digital identity and risk assessment onboarding solution for the financial services sector. Established by two leading UK based technology companies Synectics Solutions and Yoti, who specialise in delivering digital identity and financial crime risk management solutions, Project Endeavour will enable financial services organisations to […]

Yoti partners with co-op with our Covid-19 pledge
Helping the Co-op make good things happen with our Covid-19 Pledge
May 10, 2020
Co-op are on a mission to help people make good things happen in communities and we’re really happy to support them with our COVID-19 pledge. Through their community co-operate platform, they’re bringing together multiple services that make it easier for people to come together and change their communities for the better. The platform is a [...]
Project Endeavour: our breakthrough eKYC risk assessment solution
April 16, 2020

We’ve joined forces with Synectics Solutions to deliver a groundbreaking anti-fraud solution for financial services that provides a comprehensive eKYC risk assessment at the touch of a button. Project Endeavour is our partnership pilot which combines our best-in-class digital identity technology with anti-fraud and AML risk screening data services from Synectics Solutions. Synectics Solutions is a […]

Supporting volunteering platform Do IT with free identity verification technology during the coronavirus crisis
March 30, 2020
As part of our pledge to help organisations fighting the coronavirus crisis, we are delighted to be supporting Do IT’s volunteering platform with our digital identity technology. Do IT is the UK's digital home for volunteering, matching people with good causes for 20 years. They are currently supporting the government's drive for volunteers during the [...]
Yoti is speeding up KYC for Gamesys online casinos and bingo
March 6, 2020

Leading gaming operator Gamesys Group is transforming the registration experience with  Yoti’s document scanning and verification product Doc Scan. Doc Scan will be embedded into Gamesys’ bingo and casino game sites. Yoti’s Doc Scan is simple yet robust for businesses and customers alike, offering seamless identity checking with our award-winning technology under the hood. Together, […]