Anti-money laundering landscape
A closer look at the ever-changing anti-money laundering landscape
August 2, 2021
In the fight against financial crime, the anti-money laundering landscape is ever-changing.   The global battle against financial crime is a challenging one fought by governments, regulatory bodies, and industries. Every financial institution and organisation that provide financial services must better equip themselves against the growing threat of money laundering.    Financial institutions are the [...]
Digital hiring taking place from a home office
Digital hiring vs in-person hiring: a post-pandemic conundrum
July 27, 2021
Lord Holmes, life peer in the House of Lords and dedicated advocate for the power of technology, talks about the change in right to work checks as set out by the Home Office. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, digital hiring became more widely adopted following the temporary decision to allow digital right-to-work checks. [...]
Romance fraud imagery
Romance fraud: how to tell if your being scammed with Yoti peer-to-peer checks
July 26, 2021
In 2020, there were over 270 million online dating users and 2.89 billion users of social media. People have been seeking virtual social and romantic relationships more than ever before, with dating sites seeing huge increases in platform usage following the enforcement of national lockdowns. But if you have ever made one of these accounts, [...]
Yoti partners with Revoke to help users to reduce their digital footprint
How big is your digital footprint? Tech expert Gus Fraser tells us how he’s fixing the personal data crisis
July 23, 2021
At Yoti, one of our seven ethical principles is to encourage the personal ownership of data, which is why we are thrilled to have spoken with Gus Fraser, CEO of Revoke, about all things data and privacy. Revoke is the company striving to fix the personal data crisis for individuals. In this Q&A, Gus tells [...]
Flags outside the European Commission
A guide to the European Commission’s proposed legal framework for regulating high-risk AI systems
June 24, 2021
On 21 April 2021, not long after a leaked portion had caused a stir, the European Commission published its proposed legal framework for the regulation of artificial intelligence (“AI”). Whilst only a first draft, therefore subject to the push and pull of the amendment (or ‘trilogue’) process over the coming months, it marks an important [...]
Yoti partners with Childline and IWF
Yoti delivers age verification for Childline and the IWF ‘Report Remove’ tool that helps young people remove nude images and videos shared online
June 22, 2021
Protecting children online We’re dedicated to using our identity platform as a force for good. We work with experts to explore the challenges people face and help solve these problems using our secure, privacy-preserving technology. One area we passionately support is child protection. NSPCC’s Childline approached us with a challenge that they were tackling with [...]
Person completing eSignature form using electronic witnessing in line with HM Land registry
How is Yoti’s electronic witnessing feature used to digitise paper processes in line with HM Land Registry?
June 18, 2021
Since developing a sophisticated eSignature tool, Yoti’s market-leading electronic witnessing (eWitnessing) solutions are changing the way businesses manage their documents and contracts whilst remaining compliant with HM Land Registry. By digitising their operations, lawyers and conveyancers can take a step back from paper processes that take several days and transform it into something that can [...]
Person using Yoti's eWitnessing feature on laptop as per the new guidance
Electronic witnessing in line with HM Land Registry: the new guidance
Her Majesty’s Land Registry (HMLR) has released new guidance that allows for registration transfers and certain other deeds to be signed electronically in the UK. This means that solicitors and conveyancers can now adopt electronic signing (eSigning) platforms to carry out an electronic witnessing (eWitnessing) process, which up until now has been done manually.   [...]
woman looking at phone
Yoti named in the latest cohort of the FCA’s digital sandbox
June 17, 2021
We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been accepted into the FCA regulatory sandbox, which is designed to test innovative financial products and services. We believe that the Yoti digital ID app will transform many everyday experiences. It’s great to be able to show how Yoti can make life simpler and safer for financial organisations and [...]
Our approach to tracking and analytics
We set up Yoti to give people a safer way of proving who they are. Instead of giving over your full identity details each time you had to prove one thing about yourself, we built an app that stores your ID as attributes that you can share individually.  With the Yoti app, you can just [...]