There was a time when, if you wanted a photo of yourself, you would give your camera to a friendly stranger and ask them to take the picture for you. That all changed with the introduction of the ‘selfie’. With people snapping an average 25,000 selfies in their lifetime, it really has become the everyday norm. Today is even National Selfie Day. But selfies aren’t just for getting Ellen DeGeneres 3.4 million retweets. Selfies are about to become a useful tool to prove who you are and get stuff done with Yoti.

Yoti is your digital identity app. It lets you prove your identity to businesses, check the identity of other people, and prove your age – all with your phone.

Imagine that you’ve just had your 18th birthday and you can finally hit the town. Unfortunately you’ve been cursed with a baby face, making you look more like you should be ordering a milkshake than the next round of shots. The only way to prove to the bouncer that you’re actually 18 is to take your passport (or driving licence) out with you. But you then risk all of your friends seeing that hideous ID photo (cringe), or much worse, you end up losing your passport while throwing some shapes on the dancefloor. Never mind getting the next round of drinks in, you’ve got to cough up £72.50 for a replacement passport.

Luckily there’s a solution. You can use Yoti to prove your age on nights out, and it’s already being accepted at UK nightclubs as a form of ID in a game changing trial.

So how does it work?

To create your Yoti you download the app for free, add your mobile number, take a selfie, and scan your passport or driving licence using your phone – finally secure your details with a 5 digit PIN. We use facial recognition technology to match your selfie with your ID details to be sure you’re real and not a fraudster.

We then transform your ID information and facial recognition selfie into a digital identity that’s stored using bank level security to make it super safe. Your personal are verified, which means you can use them to connect with businesses and other people to do things you love and get stuff done without having to carry paper IDs or send photocopies to prove who you are. And that’s it – five steps to create your digital identity.

Now you’ve got your Yoti, you could use it to prove your age at a nightclub. When you get to the club, you just select the information the club needs to know – your name, photo and age for example. No need to show unnecessary information such as your address or passport number – just show the information required.

And it gets even better. Yoti is completely free for you to download and use. It won’t add an extra bill onto your iTunes account at the end of the month, or leave you wondering if you’ll be able to afford McDonalds after your big night out!

Download Yoti and get ready for your next selfie.

Rachael Trotman

Rachael Trotman

PR & Events Manager