We’re delighted to announce that Scottish citizens can now use Yoti to securely prove their identity and verify their Improvement Service myaccount.

Through myaccount, citizens can access a range of online public services such as paying council tax, requesting a parking permit or paying for school meals. Integrating Yoti into the myaccount service is the first step by the Improvement Service to deliver more digital services to Scottish citizens.

Initially, individuals will be able to use Yoti to:

  • Verify their myaccount and access public services in a quick and convenient way.
  • Securely register and log in to their myaccount without a username or password.

Until now, proving identity online to a high degree of certainty has been difficult. Verifying an individual can be time consuming, heavily reliant on face-to-face processes and is not always completely secure. The Improvement Service wanted to introduce a better experience for those with smartphones to be able to prove who they are online.

The Improvement Service selected Yoti as one of their technology partners to help transform local and regional services through innovation, giving citizens an easy and safe way to prove their age and entitlement.

Sarah Gadsden, Interim CEO of The Improvement Service explained, “We’re committed to further developing the myaccount service to strengthen our offer and our support for digital transformation. It is pleasing to see these new developments come to fruition and we look forward to further building upon these in the coming months.”

We’re excited to work closely with the Improvement Service and local Scottish councils over the coming months to give citizens more ways to use Yoti.

Robin Tombs, CEO and Co-founder Yoti

Rachael Trotman

Rachael Trotman