COVID-19: A basic primer
August 12, 2020
Given the work we're doing to enable health testing organisations to offer digital credential management of test results, we are being asked many questions by businesses and journalists, so we are sharing our internal basic primer. We hope you find this helpful. Read the COVID-19: A Basic Primer here.
Prove My Age white paper: Fast, free and private age verification for adult content sites
ProveMyAge is fast, free and completely private way to prove you age to access adult content online. This solution was developed in response to the proposed legislation in the UK’s Digital Economy Act which planned to require anyone wanting to access online adult content to prove they are over 18. The solution harnesses our age [...]
Yoti Age Scan white paper: a deep dive into our revolutionary age estimation technology
February 13, 2019
Making it faster and safer to prove your age Yoti Age Scan is a secure age checking service that accurately estimates a person’s age by looking at their face. We built it to give everyone a secure and private way of proving how old they are in different everyday scenarios: from age checking on social [...]
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