Two phone screens and laptop showing tthe FRANKD with Yoti COVID-19 testing process

FRANKD with Yoti: 30 minute COVID-19 tests on your phone

We’ve teamed up with GeneMe to deliver FRANKD with Yoti – a breakthrough COVID-19 testing system that delivers the result directly to the patient’s phone within 30 minutes of being tested. Individuals are linked to their test at the beginning of the testing process via the Yoti app, ensuring the correct result is automatically issued to its rightful holder once the test is complete. Users can then show their test results on screen or choose to share their verified information digitally by scanning a QR code.

  • Accurate: Highly accurate mouth swab test with 100% specificity and 97% sensitivity.
  • Fast: Spoof proof results are securely issued to a person’s phone in 45 minutes using the free Yoti app.
  • Safe: The tests are CE approved for sale in Europe, have IVD certification and are compliant with WHO guidelines.