Digital identities as a force for good

Here at Yoti we’re committed to social change. Whether that be gifting our identity solutions to non-profits, giving staff paid days off to support causes they care about or assisting humanitarian organisations with identity needs in the developing world, we like to think that doing good is at the heart of everything we do.

Discover more about our social impact efforts and how we’re striving to make digital identities a force for good.

The technology and identity gap


people around the world have no proof of identity

(World Bank 2018)


of people without an identity are among the poorest 20% on the planet

(World Bank 2018)


of the world's population are currently not online

(ITU 2017)


of the global population don't own a smartphone

(PEW Research 2018)

Yoti Keys

Our humanitarian solutions

Today, the majority of digital identity solutions require technical know-how, expensive hardware or connectivity not present in many last-mile locations where humanitarian needs are often at their greatest.

At Yoti, we recognise a unique opportunity to help foster positive social change at a local, grassroots level. For this to happen we need a new approach to digital identity solutions.

Following a period of research, we are now working on a simple, fully offline and open-source identity solution called Yoti Keys, due for release in late 2019.

Introducing Yoti Keys

Yoti Keys give people a way of identifying themselves even if they don't have a smartphone or official identity documents. Our offline solution helps charities and NGOs to create Yoti Keys for the people who need them the most.

Yoti Keys
Introducing Yoti Keys

Take a photo

Use our tablet app to take someone's photo

Add their details

Add their name and any other personal details

Secure the data

Ask them to choose a 5 digit PIN to protect their data

Give them their Yoti Key

Their identity details are added to their Yoti Key, which they can use to prove who they are

Take a photo Add their details Secure the data Give them their Yoti Key

Yoti Keys help people to access:











Yoti Keys

Fellowship Program

We invite three individuals to apply for fellowship positions a year. We request proposals for research, policy development or solutions development based on three or four key themes related to identity or digital identity. We’re looking for issues that merit further exposure, discussion, development or research.

Applicants may be based anywhere, though preference is given to those from the developing world. Fellows are supported with a generous one-year stipend and receive logistical and technical support from Yoti.

Yoti Keys


Digital identity is a relatively new discipline and there is still a lot we don’t know.

Research efforts have picked up over recent years, but many focus on the impact of national digital identity initiatives or the impact of specific technologies on target communities. We’re interested in researching digital identity from the bottom up.

What are the local motivations for adoption, what problems need to be solved and what are the key barriers and opportunities?

Check out our recent research here.

Yoti Keys

Yoti Keys

Innovation challenges

As technology continues to open opportunities for people everywhere to find solutions to global development problems, innovation challenges have become increasingly popular ways of gathering new ideas.

These innovation challenges call upon the enthusiasm, expertise and local knowledge of technologists and citizens around the world.

We run targeted challenges, with an offer of cash prizes and technical support, to help local innovators develop appropriate solutions to identity-based problems identified in their own communities. Keep an eye out for news of our forthcoming challenges.

Yoti Keys

Hub support program

Increasingly, solutions to global humanitarian challenges are being developed ever closer to the problems themselves, by the communities themselves.

While it was once considered best practice to develop solutions far away where the experts were based and then parachute them in, this approach is now seen as problematic.

We work with innovation hubs around the world to help them develop appropriate digital identity-based solutions and services based on local problems they wish to solve.

Watch this space for our program launch in spring/summer 2019.

Yoti Keys

Yoti Keys

Selfie Days

Everyone at Yoti gets five days each year for personal development or to support UK charitable causes. We call them Selfie Days. Not only is this a great opportunity for Yoti staff to develop their own interests and skills, but it’s also a great opportunity for charitable causes to get help and support where they need it most.

If you’re based in the UK and would like to register your organisation for Selfie Days, check out our recent blog post here. We hope to extend the opportunity to staff in our other global offices soon.

Ken Banks

Meet the team

Ken Banks

Ken Banks

Ken Banks heads up Social Impact at Yoti. He is an award-winning social entrepreneur, mobile technology and global development expert and author, a PopTech Fellow, a Tech Awards Laureate, an Ashoka Fellow and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. In 2013 he was nominated for the TED Prize and in 2018 he was appointed Visiting Fellow at the prestigious Judge Business School in Cambridge. You can contact Ken here.

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About Yoti

Making digital identities a force for good - for everyone, everywhere - is at the heart of everything we do.

As one of the UK's founding B Corps, we are certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency to help make a social impact. We're also a member of CIFAS, Digital Policy Alliance, Global Cyber Alliance, UK Council for Child Internet Safety Associate, plus many more organisations committed to social good.

Yoti B-Corp

We're building the world's trusted identity platform

We want everyone to have access to a digital identity. And that's exactly what Yoti is. Yoti combines your unique biometrics, like your facial features, with your verified personal details. All you need is connectivity, an accepted smartphone and an official ID document.


Yoti is free for individuals and free for charities

It takes less than five minutes to create a Yoti and 10-15 minutes for charities and NGOs to integrate Yoti into their systems. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

The Yoti app is free to download and use: