Identity verification

We take care of verification for you, so you can be sure only genuine customers get through.

Identity verification checks made easy

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    Compliance made simple
    Perform KYC checks to the industry standard, in full compliance with the required regulations.
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    Make identity fraud a thing of the past
    Protect your customers and your business with state-of-the-art technology. We make sure only genuine customers get through.
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    Globally accessible
    Thousands of government-issued ID documents accepted from 200+ countries and territories.
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    No minimum volumes
    Just pay monthly for the checks you need with a plan that scales with you.

Verification in three easy steps

Tablet scanning passport

1. Data extraction

Customers upload or take a photo of their ID document.

Computer scanning driving license

2. Document verification

Document data is extracted and checked to match the ID document details.

Face with web of data points on biometric template

3. Face match

Customers take a selfie to prove they are a real person using our liveness detection technology.

Sector uses

Green bank notes

Financial services

Slot machine

Gaming and gambling

Aeroplane with two clouds

Travel and borders

Guitar with £100 price tag

Sharing economy

Illustration of chalkboard with ABC written on it


Tablet with Yoti icon on screen


Internationally recognised security and ethical standards


Streamline your business with us

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