Age verification in seconds

Keep your customers happy with simple, private age checks and your business compliant with regulations.

Cutting-edge age verification solutions

Our business solutions harness age estimation and identity verification technologies to empower your business with fast and secure age verification.

Facial age estimation

Age estimation technology embedded in your app, website or POS terminal.

ID verification

Identity verification that integrates into your existing customer flows.

Yoti Digital ID

Customers share pre-verified age attributes with your business via the Yoti app.

Facial age estimation

Instantly estimate the age of your customers using our AI-powered technology, embedded within your app, website or POS terminal. Customers scan their face to get their age estimated in seconds. Customers don’t need to provide an ID document and can feel assured knowing their scan is immediately deleted and will never be stored or seen by anyone.

ID Verification

Integrate the technology into your existing flows and enable your customers to prove their age in two easy steps:

1. Document Verification: customer uploads or takes a photo of their ID document.

2. Liveness and face match: customer takes a photo of themselves to prove they’re a real person using our liveness detection technology.

Our trained team of identity experts verify your customer’s identity by matching their ID photo with the image captured. No data storage required, simply retrieve the details you need via our API.

Digital ID

Customers use the free Yoti app to securely share their age with your business, both online and offline. These details are pre-verified and authenticated by our team of super recognisers using their biometrics and an official ID document. You can just request the credentials you need from the customer. Over ten million people have downloaded Yoti.

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    Complementary solutions
    The combination of our age estimation and age verification solutions ensure you can offer a seamless journey to your users.
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    Flexible implementation
    Set your own age thresholds and verification rules according to your local legislative and business requirements.
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    Our system handles millions of daily checks, so you can be sure only users from the right age group can use your services.
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    Create safer user experiences and ensure you comply with existing and upcoming age restrictions, without having to store any customer data.

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