Document verification

We take care of verification for you, so you can be sure only genuine customers get through.

KYC checks made easy

Streamline the onboarding process for your customers with identity and document verification embedded in your flows.

No minimum volume or duration requirements, no set-up or integration fees. Just pay monthly for the checks you need.

Verification in two easy steps

1. Document verification

Customer uploads or takes a photo of their ID document. Document data is extracted and checked to match the ID document details. We accept ID documents from over 200 countries and territories.

2. Liveness and face match

Customer takes a photo of themselves to prove they’re a real person using our liveness detection technology. Our trained team of security experts verify your customer’s identity by matching their ID photo with the image captured. No data storage required, simply retrieve the details you need via our API.

Tailored to you

You can configure our verification solution to suit your business needs. This includes data extraction, authentication checks, liveness checks and face matching. For less regulated sectors, it can be used as a simple document scanning solution.

Join our growing network of organisations accepting the Yoti app. Instantly receive pre-verified identity details from our rapidly growing Yoti user base. Simply add a Yoti button to your site or app. Integration takes no more than a couple of hours.

Internationally recognised security and ethical standards


Streamline your business with us

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