Doc Scan 'Powered by Yoti'

Integrate our identity and document verification into your website, app or product for secure KYC checks.

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How it works

1. Doc Verification

Customers take or upload a photo of their ID document to securely share their details with your business. Automatic and manual data extraction and third-party checks are available.

2. Liveness and face match

The user must preform a liveness test to prove they are a real person. Our trained team of security experts verify your customer's identity by matching their ID photo with their face using the image captured of their face during liveness. The length of time we keep data is fully configurable.

Internationally recognised security and ethical standards

Grow your network

Doc Scan can be combined with the Yoti app, letting your verify your customers’ identity faster. Customers can still securely and easily prove their identity without the app.

You can configure Doc Scan to suit your business needs. This includes data extraction, authentication checks, liveness checks and face matching. For less regulated sectors, it can be used as a simple document scanning solution. 

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How do I integrate?

You can use one of our seven SDKs to integrate your website or app with Doc Scan.

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How does this work with the Yoti App?

A verified Yoti user can prove their age or identity to your business in seconds. All users need to do to securely share their age or identity details with your business is to scan a QR code, embedded in your user flow.

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How long does Yoti retain users' data?

You can configure how long we keep your users’ data, with 24 hours being the minimum length of time.

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