Identity verification with Doc Scan

Streamline your onboarding processes with identity and document verification embedded in your website or app.

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Identity verification checks made easy

Compliance made simple

Perform KYC checks to the industry standard, in full compliance with the required regulations.

Make identity fraud a thing of the past

Protect your customers and your business with state-of-the-art technology. We make sure only genuine customers get through.

Globally accessible

Thousands of government-issued ID documents accepted from over 175 countries

No minimum commitments

No minimum volume or duration requirements, no set-up or integration fees. Just pay monthly for the checks you need.

Verification in three easy steps

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1. Data extraction

Customers upload or take a photo of their ID document.

2. Document verification

Document data is extracted and checked to match the ID document details.

3. Facematch

Customers take a selfie to prove they are a real person using our liveness detection technology.

Sector uses

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Financial services

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Gaming and gambling

Paper ID passport

Travel and borders

Sharing economy

Sharing economy

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Internationally recognised security and ethical standards

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ISO 27001 certification logo
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Join the Yoti network

Join our growing network of organisations accepting the Yoti app. Instantly receive pre-verified identity details from our rapidly growing Yoti user base. Simply add a Yoti button to your site or app. Integration takes no more than a couple of hours.

How do I integrate?

You can use one of our seven SDKs to integrate your website or app with Doc Scan.

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How does this work with the Yoti App?

A verified Yoti user can prove their age or identity to your business in seconds. All users need to do to securely share their age or identity details with your business is to scan a QR code, embedded in your user flow.

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How long does Yoti retain users' data?

You can configure how long we keep your users’ data, with 24 hours being the minimum length of time.

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