Secure and scalable digital staff ID cards

We can work with you to rapidly deploy our digital identity and digital staff ID card solution to your business.


In partnership with the NHS

Working with NHS England and NHS Improvement, we are already issuing thousands of digital staff ID cards to the NHS. This not only cuts costs, but massively increases the ability of staff to move cross function and to different sites easily and efficiently. No need to re-verify identity, clinical status or qualifications.


Provide your staff with a secure, digital ID Card

Provide new and existing employees with a digital staff ID card that’s stored safely in their Yoti app. Staff can present their digital ID card on screen or prove their ID by text or email.

This ID card will include a full name, job title, location, expiry, organisation logo, employee reference number and a verified email address. The card features anti-spoofing measures and can be revoked at any time by your organisation.


Issue verified credentials

Your organisation can issue, update and revoke verified credentials to an individual’s Yoti app. Your staff can view, but not edit or delete the details. They can securely share these verified details with other key workers or any other person or organisation.

Verified credentials can include an antibody test result, training certificates, database checks, or any authorisation or qualification.

How it works

Your staff members will need to download the free Yoti app to create their Digital ID.

Users create a Digital ID

Users add a phone number and a 5 digit PIN to secure their account. They then need to take a scan of their face to prove they’re a real person.

Adding their staff ID

Users will need to add their staff email address. When we have confirmed this is a valid email address with your organisation, we will send the user a verification email.

Staff can safely prove their identity

Users can view and present their ID card, but cannot edit it. As the issuing authority, your organisation will always be in full control of the validity of the ID card.

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