Integrating with Yoti

Integrating with Yoti is easy. Get your business set up with our secure, digital identity platform using one of our seven web SDKs or our Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal plugins. We also have two seamless mobile SDKs for iOS and Android.


It only takes a few minutes to get started.


Download Yoti for iOS or Android



Use your Yoti to log into your account via (on desktop).



Navigate to ‘Create an Application’ and get cracking!

We currently support:

Please contact us at if your preferred language isn’t supported yet and we’ll do our best to help.

Plugins available for:

Our easy to use plugins for Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal mean you can get your website working with Yoti in just a few minutes; even if you’re not a developer.

What our customers say

"Yoti has been helpful in greatly improving the speed and ease in which our customers can on-board to our platform."

A Digital Asset Company

"The great documentation and examples made the initial Yoti set up easy and fast to integrate into our application. Once integrated, I was able to provide users with a very secure, smooth, fast and innovative option for authenticating themselves and be able to complete tasks with our application securely. The biometric facial recognition combines liveness detection with multifactor authentication to create a very secure and sleek user experience, Yoti definitely added value to our application and always generates interest and new conversations about our product."

Accenture Liquid Studio
The renowned global management consulting firm’s creative studio

"I just wanted to congratulate you for your product, it feels like you but a lot of thought and effort into this service. Having all the API already available for different programming languages and your documentation made it really easy to get started."

Austria’s leading Bitcoin broker

"Integrating with Yoti has been a quick and seamless project. The integration process took a few hours and the documentation was clear and concise! I would highly recommend Yoti which has allowed us to verify our users in seconds."

The UK’s largest independent classifieds site

"Yoti's ready to go SDK was quick and seamless to integrate into the web app we were building for NSPCC. What's more, their easy to use dashboard made the setting up and handling our app credentials effortless."

The UK's leading children’s charity

"We used Yoti for a prototype and we found the SDK easy to use and the documentation very clear. We had our prototype up and running within hours."

UK charity supporting homelessness of young people

"Integrating new technologies into your project always invokes excitement and fear in equal measure, especially when it comes to web security! The Yoti SDK makes the initial setup as pain free as can be expected and scanning your first QR code couldn't be more fun."

Not-for-profit social enterprise connecting physical activity with charity work

"We’re really excited about the possibilities for Yoti integration with CiviHR. We used the Drupal plugin, which was a very simple and easy form of integration, the integration took 5 minutes plugging in the keys generated in the Yoti Dashboard. Logging in to CiviHR is now so easy and secure with the Yoti app and we’re looking forward to future integration possibilities."

Open source IT services & consulting firm

"The Yoti integration was very straightforward. We were up and running in a few hours with no issues. The examples on the GitHub page were useful and I would recommend Yoti to everyone!"

Solution provider for sourcing cover for schools

"It only took a few hours for us to integrate with Yoti and that's it, everything works. No contracts, no sales talks, pure and simple self service. And I really liked the quality of your mobile app and website. Very simple and stable. Thumbs up!"

Management software provider

"Integrating with Yoti took us about 15 minutes. Simple as that."

Osborne Technologies
Leading provider of computer hardware and other technology solutions