Saving Ashford Council money time and trees with Yoti Sign
August 12, 2020
“Yoti Sign has helped us solve problems with staff outside of the office with no access to printers or scanners in order to sign and return documents. It’s also made things much easier for those on maternity leave or long-term sick leave. The process of signing employment contracts has been streamlined which has saved time, [...]
Streamlining the self checkout experience with automated age checks for NCR
August 10, 2020
We're transforming retail with automated age checks in StrongPoint self-checkouts, Click & Collect lockers and Vensafe dispensing machines. Powered by our age estimation technology, Yoti Age Scan, customers can simply look into the camera on the device and have their age anonymously estimated in seconds. Customers that look under the age threshold will be able [...]
Project Endeavour: eKYC and customer acquisition platform for retail banking
July 31, 2020
We have joined forces with Synectics Solutions to deliver a groundbreaking anti-fraud solution for financial services that provides a comprehensive eKYC risk assessment at the touch of a button. Project Endeavour is our partnership pilot which combines our best-in-class digital identity technology with anti-fraud and AML risk screening data services from Synectics Solutions. Synectics Solutions is a recognised leader in [...]
Seamless travel from booking to borders
July 9, 2020
In this fully integrated proof of concept, we demonstrated how passengers can enjoy a seamless, self-service airport experience from check-in through to security and boarding using just their face and their phone. Passengers use Yoti to link their verified passport details, biometric information with their boarding pass at the point of purchase, drastically reducing transaction [...]
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