We are a data security
company at heart.

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We are a data security
company at heart.

Put your trust in our award-winning security system

  • We encrypt each piece of information with separate cryptographic keys that are further encrypted with a user key that only the consumer can control. Once the consumer agrees to share their information, you will then have access through your secured Yoti account.
  • Yoti doesn’t see any of the information being shared between you and your customers.
  • Yoti uses face matching technology used by European border control.
  • ‘Yoti Alive’ (our in-house developed liveness software) prevents selfie spoofing attempts.
  • We already have 10 patents pending and a large research and development team.
  • The Yoti app is not reliant on the cloud, with all user data being stored in secure Tier 3 local data centres.
  • Yoti undergoes regular independent penetration tests of all our systems.
  • Yoti is ISO27001 certified.

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The Yoti app is free to download and use: