Secure access

Give visitors and staff access to your building using Bluetooth and the Yoti app, secured by biometrics.

Identity verification

Reduce yearly production costs on traditional access cards

Non Profit Organisations

Save time on card management and limit face-to-face issuance

Biometric login

You’re in control to share, revoke or lock access cards over the air

Providing your age

Highest level of security

Yoti matches an individual’s unique biometrics with their government-issued ID document, so you can be confident that you’re letting the right person into the building.
privacy dept speaking at age estimation roundtable

Powered by world-leading technology

Trusted access to your building, verified by biometrics and HID Global’s Seos technology. Digital access cards are stored in your visitors’ Yoti app and are compatible with HID’s range of secure access readers.


Biometric login

Research facilities

Secure your account

Power stations



We’ve partnered with HID, the award-winning leader in secure access solutions.

Log in without passwords

Secure biometric verification

Integrate robust Seos technology with Yoti’s biometric verification, for secure access you can control.
Secure access

Low-cost solution

Save time and money on traditional access card management. Upgrade one door at a time, at a minimal cost.
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Ensure trusted access

Share access cards over the air to verified individuals, which they store in their secure Yoti app. Trust that you’re...

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Download Yoti

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