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Ease the admin burden

The paperwork involved in gathering candidate details takes too much effort, and arranging face to face meetings just to verify someone’s identity can be costly, especially if they are coming from another city, or country. Meanwhile, data protection processes are slowing your business down... there must be a safer and more convenient way of checking someone’s identity.

A modern approach to ID verification

Yoti is a free smartphone app which allows your users to prove who they are, online and face to face. For your business, it is a way of allowing users to log in to your website without usernames or passwords, and a surefire way of drastically reducing fraudulent activity: Yotis are anchored to government issued documents, like a passport, and a user can only have one Yoti account.

  • Easily check new clients and employees, remotely and face to face.
  • Yoti uses biometrics, and government issued ID documents
  • Make it simple for your candidates to sign in to your website - no usernames or passwords required.

What makes Yoti different

Yoti is the world’s first user centric ID solution. It allows your candidates to prove who they are before attending interviews and meetings. And for your business, peace of mind: Yotis are linked to government identity documents and are protected by cutting edge tamper-proof technology.

Working with

Reed, the UK’s number one recruiter, use Yoti to pre-screen their candidates remotely to help speed up their onboarding processes. The candidate uses Yoti to prove their identity and nationality and then uses their smartphone or webcam to take a picture of the required documents to meet various requirements of their prospective employer.

Want to know more?

Quentin Warren

Want to know more?

Quentin Warren

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