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An unwanted admin burden

Staying on the right side of AML and KYC requirements shouldn’t be a task that significantly holds up the sale chain. However, the paperwork involved in verifying customer identities is a hassle, and storing those details in an HMRC-approved form is even more so - fines are often imposed not because the right checks weren’t carried out, but because the agent couldn’t prove it.

Customer due diligence, simplified

Yoti is a free smartphone app which allows your users to prove who they are, online and face to face. For your business, it is a way of allowing users to log in to your website without usernames or passwords, and a surefire way of drastically reducing fraudulent activity: Yotis are anchored to government issued documents, like a passport, and a user can only have one Yoti account.

  • Easily check new client IDs, online and offline
  • Yoti uses biometrics and government issued ID documents
  • Access to a record of every Yoti your business checks

What makes Yoti different

Yoti is the world’s first user centric ID solution. It meets your customers on their preferred platform (mobile) and reduces the need for photocopying passports or other documents. And for your business, peace of mind: Yotis are linked to government identity documents and are protected by cutting edge tamper-proof technology.

Working with

Good2rent, the UK’s number one tenant passport, is using Yoti to verify the identities of new tenants.

"At good2rent our mission is simple; faster & fairer renting for all. Yoti enables us to achieve this by providing tenants with instant ID verification, to support their tenant profile and allow early Right to Rent recognition. Tenants share their ID & referencing in advance with letting agents and landlords, ensuring they don’t miss out on their dream home and waste time with endless paperwork. We’re proud to offer Yoti as a unique feature of our tenant referencing app”. - Georgina Pierson, Chief Operations Officer, good2rent

Want to know more?

Quentin Warren

Want to know more?

Quentin Warren

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