‘ID, please’

Fake, expired, and altered identification documents are preventing fast entry to your venue and placing your business at risk of fines. Dog-eared passports and faded driving licences also don’t make it easy for your door staff to immediately tell how old the holder is. We think there is a better way. A way that doesn’t include any hardware installation costs.

An innovative ID solution

Yoti is a free smartphone app which allows your users to prove who they are, online and face to face. For your business, it is a way of allowing users to log in to your website without usernames or passwords, and a surefire way of drastically reducing fraudulent activity: Yotis are anchored to government issued documents, like a passport, and a user can only have one Yoti account.

  • Age clearly shown
  • No heavy hardware needed
  • No app cost to guests
  • Record of every Yoti checked

What makes Yoti different

Yoti is the world’s first user centric ID solution. In other words, your customers are going to know that you have prioritised their needs for simplicity and mobility, while respecting their privacy. It also won’t hurt that, thanks to our selfie recognition technology, they’ll be able to use an up-to-date image of themselves.

Working with

Deltic Group, the UK’s largest nightclub operator, uses Yoti to check the age of their customers and keep a secure record of people who have been in their venues. Find out more about the MyVenue tool and how you can use it to verify the age of your customers using Yoti.

“Yoti will not only make checking ID quicker and therefore reduce queues, but provide improved security against fraud. We are pleased to be one of the first companies to use Yoti and put it through its paces, as with all new tech.” - Tim Howard, Marketing Director, The Deltic Group

Want to know more?

Quentin Warren

Want to know more?

Quentin Warren

If you'd like to know more about Yoti Nightclub, Quentin is the person to talk to. Get in touch with him via

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