Trusted from depot to doorstep

Your customers and your brand reputation depend on the service your staff provides, and your staff need to find the right person to hand their cargo to in order to ensure successful delivery. However, a reliance on manual document handling for recruitment and on outdated hardware for delivery receipt is hindering smooth running of your operation.

A simple, mobile ID checking solution

Yoti is a free smartphone app which allows your users to prove who they are, online and face to face. For your business, it is a way of allowing users to log in to your website without usernames or passwords, and a surefire way of drastically reducing fraudulent activity: Yotis are anchored to government issued documents, like a passport, and a user can only have one Yoti account.

  • Verify new employee and contractor identities
  • Doorstep and depot ID confirmation for post or parcels
  • Full courier audit trail included

What makes Yoti different

Yoti is the world’s first user centric ID solution. Your customers will know that you have prioritised their needs for simplicity, mobility and flexibility: customers can assign other Yoti holders to pick up parcels in their place. Did we mention that your customers can use their Yotis to log in to your website to track a delivery? No usernames or passwords needed, just Yoti.

Want to know more?

Danny Whitehorne

Want to know more?

Danny Whitehorne

If you'd like to know more about the Delivery sector, Danny is the person to talk to. Get in touch with him via

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